Detailed Guide On How To Remove Scratches From Your Bike

Why Do Bike Scratches Prove To Be Bothersome?

A person purchases a bike with one thing in mind and that is to impress all the people who take one glance at that beautiful ride. Basically, a bike is the style statement for all the millennials out there. A style statement to swoon away the hearts of all the onlookers. But something that ruins this vibe are the scratches that appear on the bike out of nowhere.

In these busy Indian streets, it is inevitable that your bike will get scratches from one place or the other. So, instead of mourning over it, one must learn how to get rid of these scratches. Once you master the skill of removing scratches from your bike, there is absolutely nothing that can harm your reputation among other worthy riders.

Of course, getting rid of bike scratches can be bothersome but as a responsible adult, it is in our blood to take care of these minor issues ourselves. This skill should be on the tips of every individual out there because it gives off a unique feeling of empowerment and self-worth. So, in today’s blog we are about to coach ourselves on how to remove scratches from our bike on our own. Let us dive right into it and get started.

How To Remove Scratches From A Bike?

There is a list of products available in the market that will assist you in removing scratches from your bike. Their most important feature is that all of them are self-help kits that will guide you all throughout the procedure of removing a scratch from your bike all on your own. Let us take a look at these products and study the procedure in detail.

1.     Scratch Remover –

They are slightly abrasive in their chemical nature. When we apply the scratch remover on the body of the car, it dissolves the clear coat in the surrounding area of the affected area. This is done in order to make an even surface on the body of the vehicle so that the scratch does not stand out. After all is done, all you have to do is use a filler to fill in the scratch and the job is done. Your bike is as good as new.

We can safely say that scratch removers are easy to use, cost effective and highly efficient products that last long in order to protect your vehicle from any scratches. It is also recommended by many professionals.

2.     Scratch Remover Kits –

These kits might cost you a little higher than the usual price of any other scratch removing products that prove to be self-help. It would be a little unfair to say that these kits are super easy to handle either because the procedure to use them is slightly complicated. However, on a brighter side these scratch removing kits are highly effective in removing any kind of scratch from bikes, cars or any other vehicle. These kits are used explicitly to remove deep scratches from the body of the vehicle.

We begin by thoroughly washing and drying the area around the scratch on the bike. This is followed by rigorous rubbing of the affected area with the help of a sandpaper that leads to the formation of a slurry. After the job is done, the affected area of abrasion is then covered with car polish in order to conceal any patch and the metallic body of your bike is ready to shine once again.

3.   Car Scratch Repair Cloth

This is one of those temporary measures that can be used to conceal a scratch instead of removing it completely. However, the effects of this product are visually astonishing.

All you have to do is pour some paint leveler on the scratch of the bike and rub the scratch repair cloth over the affected area. The only precaution that one needs to take is that they must mask the surrounding area with a duct tape so that it remains unaffected during the procedure.

Simple Tips On How To Prevent Scratches On Bike

  • Be a little cautious while driving on the busy roads. Even a slight abrasion between the two vehicles can cause deep scratches on bike
  • Make sure to keep ample parking space between vehicles
  • Always cover your bike when it is not in use
  • Send in your bike for regular servicing


We hope that this piece proved to be highly insightful and informational for you. Hopefully, you will take the initiative to fix the scratches on your bike all by yourself from now on. You can also buy highly effective car scratch remover pens at Carorbis.

You can also find more information on how to remove scratches from car on our blog at Carorbis.

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