Gojek Clone 2022 – Advanced-level Features That Aimed To Benefit Your Business in Thailand

You are all good with your business plan, research, and gathered. The data to launch your On-demand Multiservices App in Thailand. But there’s one thing you are stuck at, “What features should I include in my Gojek Clone?”

You have come to the right place.

It is obvious to have a thought process to be unique, to stand out from your competitors. Witnessing the rising popularity of Gojek Clone, entrepreneurs of all sizes are Building Super Multi Delivery App like Gojek.

No wonder, the competition is becoming stiff but remember there are ways to become successful. And establish your multi-services business in a short time.

Best Gojek Clone Script With New Advanced Features

  1. Online Video Consultation components allow your users to book instant video consultation. They can book a session from the comforts of their home with Fitness instructors, Lawyers, Tutors, Doctors, Astrologers, etc.
  2. Using the iWatch App to book a taxi is even easier. It is one of the most unique features that have yet to be seen in similar software. Your users will appreciate the simplicity of being able to hire a taxi directly from their iWatch.
  3. Deliver anything anywhere with the Delivery Genie feature. Your users will be able to hire a Delivery Person to pick up, drop off, or fetch anything from the city for them. Even simple errands, deliveries, and purchases can be done according to your Shopping List. This is a very popular function that many customers utilize daily.
  4. The Service Bid component allows your users to post task details on the Apps and allow Service Providers to bid on them in real-time. The user can choose the best BID based on the service provider’s reviews , cost, and ratings. This component allows your users to book services immediately or at a After date.

More Features of Gojek Clone 2022

Furthermore, Gojek Clone India offers booking services in multiple ways. Users can make reservations over the phone. We appreciate that not everyone, such as the elderly, is as tech-savvy or as familiar with the functions of a smartphone. As a result, KingX 2022 includes advanced and complex features like “Booking Services” through “Website by Users” and by “Backend Team” from their Panel. When they receive Service Requests via calls, to make it easier for them as well as people who are not very tech-savvy.

Your customers will just phone you and give you the details of the service they want, and you will book it for them. Major services can be book manually or through the website (and not all). This ensures that you, as the company, are protect. The owner can accept requests from users who do not have the App and dispatch services at the same pace as if they were done through the App.

There is more to Gojek Clone Script, a whole new range of Advanced-level Features to benefit your business in Thailand multiple ways. Easy to launch once you confirm your requirements with the team.

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