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Secrets About The Gojek On Demand Multi Services App No One Told You About!

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Gojek Clone

Since you are already reading this blog, chances are that you are well aware of the popularity of the Gojek app and are considering options so as to how you can start off your own on demand multi services app-based business like Gojek with the help of a Gojek Clone. If that is the case, you have landed at the right place.

The internet is flooded with information on the right kind of apps, the white labeled mobile app development companies that can help you with a Gojek clone app and other such details. However, there are some top secrets that can truly help your business but no one will tell you about them.

Well, no one but us, that is. We have compiled a list of some secrets that you should be made aware of but probably don’t yet know. Hope this information helps you with your business venture. Let us dive right in!

Are you buying just an app or the whole Gojek Clone system?

When a company claims to sell you an app; that is all they provide you with: a single app. But please understand, even though all Gojek’s promotional material will talk about how it is a one download, multi service single application, there is a complex system which makes the business operational. In order to keep things afloat, you need the following:

  • An android app for the user
  • An iOS app for the User
  • An android app for the service provider
  • An iOS app for the service provider
  • An app for the store (restaurant / grocery store / alcohol store / pharmacy etc.)
  • The Admin panel
  • The website for the app (for information and online web booking)

Ensure that you have all of these components because only then will you be able to run your business.

Are you getting the source code for your Gojek Clone?

The source code of an application is the essential foundation; building blocks, so to speak, of the whole entire app. This means that in order to make any kind of change within the app at any point, regardless of whether it is a kind of an update or an enhancement, it will only be possible with the help of the source code.

Now, most of the times, companies try to weasel their way out of this and do not provide the entrepreneur with the source code so that each time there is an enhancement that needs to be made, they are forced to approach the same company that built the app in the first place. Let us just call it what it is: milking money from the vulnerability of the client.

It is best to steer clear of such companies and instead opt for ones that offer the source code of the application to you as well. Mind well, when you purchase the app, you are entitled to get the licensed source code of at least one domain name free of cost for lifetime and should only have to pay in case you want to extend it to other domains.

Integration of local language and currency

Another very important factor when it comes to launching a practical and successful business solution is to bear in mind the regional requirements of the app. For example, if you are planning to launch your business in a place that primarily comprises of non English speaking people who do not use dollars for their currency, it will make no sense to only equip your app with that. Make sure that the app that you purchase comes with at least one additional local language and currency integration for free. You should not have to pay for that. However, in case you wish to launch your app across geographical borders with different languages and currencies, you can ask the white label company that developed the app for you to integrate multiple languages and currencies within the app for the ease of access and usability of your clients and service providers alike.

Non Disclosure Agreement and Privacy Policy

Most of the time, people do not take this seriously. They assume that companies will work in good faith and refrain from doing anything (including giving out brand or company related information) that may harm the success and growth of their clients.

However, the only way to be absolutely sure that your interests and your company’s privacy are respected is to enter into a non-disclosure agreement with the white label on demand mobile app Development Company. The agreement should very clearly state that they will not reveal the name of your company, your brand name, your business model, customizations made for your app or any other ideas that you may have discussed with them pertaining to your business. Ensure that this agreement is very clearly signed by all parties involved. You may want to check if the company treats all clients and their anonymity with respect by taking a look at their existing client testimonials.


On the whole, there is a tonne of information about how to set up your on demand multi services app based business like Gojek online, however, there are some industry secrets that you should be aware of when you start your own business. Make sure that you get the licensed source code of your app, have all the necessary parts within the app, sign an NDA and get the local language and currency integrated within the app.

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