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gojek clone

The Powerful gojek clone is an ingenious and sophisticated invention of mankind. It is because of its User-Friendly Interface that the Customer has to login just once to get an instant and direct access to 70+ On-Demand Services online. This App is revered worldwide for its trailblazing and futuristic features but today I’ll specifically talk about the varied diverse genres of Services this Powerful Gojek like App has to offer in this Blog.


Booking Taxi Rides, Moto Rides, scheduling an appointment with a Doctor, Physiotherapist, Masseuse, Lawyer, Personal Tutor, Barber, Real Estate Agent while availing the On-Site resources of Car-Wash, Plumbers, Electricians, Security Guards, Fire Fighters, Insurance Agents and also taking technical assistance for Mobile and Laptop Repairs.


How to Book Taxi Rides using Gojek Clone App?

First the User has to register oneself in the App by providing essential personal details such as the Name, Email ID, Phone Number, Gender, and Age. Once the User has been registered, the main homepage will appear on the screen. Then, simply tap on the Taxi Booking icon to be redirected to the next page.

But wait! Before your User can request for a Ride,

The User/Rider has to first agree to the Corona Safety Checklist of Apps like Gojek!

The Checklist has four clear instructions for the Rider. First, it is mandatory to wear a mask at all times during the Ride. Second, the Rider must regularly sanitize one’s hands. Third, Personal Luggage has to be handled and taken care of by the Rider only and the last one is avoiding paying in Cash.

But why not Cash?

Currency Notes are the most common carriers of this lethal and highly contagious Covid-19 virus. The ongoing Pandemic has brought the entire World Economy to its knees, crushed its Financial Stability and took millions of innocent lives leaving their families in grave despair and pain. To ensure overall well-being and safety of billions of people, the World Health Organisation has issued Covid-19 Specific Guidelines to stop the further spread of this life-threatening virus.

Once the Rider has agreed to follow the Safety Checklist, now

The Rider can book a Taxi Ride. First punch in details about the Pick-Up Location and Destination and then choose the Vehicle Type – Mini Car, Prime Sedan, and Luxurious SUV! After choosing the Cab Type, the Rider is then asked to choose the mode of Payment. Because the Rider is a responsible Global citizen, In-App Wallet Option is chosen.

And then send a request for a Ride!

Within seconds the Ride is booked and will reach the Pick-Up location in 5 minutes. The Rider can track the physical movement of the Taxi Driver of the App’s in-built features of Real-Time Tracking! 

One can even book Taxi Rides by visiting the App’s Website online and also by directly calling the Admin Dispatcher Panel to place a manual booking for the Ride.

Food, Grocery, Medicine, Stationery and even Flowers can be delivered to your doorstep?

Your User has to just login once to have immediate access to other On-Demand Services such as Food and Grocery. First, the User has to punch in one’s postal address, so that the App can automatically detect all the nearby Restaurants and Grocery Marts. Then Choose the Restaurant of your choice and order in your favourite Bacon Cheese Burger with Peri Peri French Fries. 

Because it’s the first time the User is ordering food online using the App, Cash on Delivery is chosen as the mode of Payment. 

The Food Delivery Driver arrives in less than 20 minutes! The User accepts the Order and pays the Bill Amount to the Delivery Driver in Cash and also gives a tip of US $5.

Book an appointment with a Psychologist

Login to your On Demand Multi Service App and you’ll see a Services Section right in the middle of the Homepage. Click on that! You’ll be redirected to a page that will have many icons on Display which would clearly mention the type of Service that is being offered. Search for Psychologist from that detailed list of 70+ Services by simply punching in the keyword in the Search Bar which the User can find on the top-right end corner of the App screen. Book an instant appointment and the User decides to use the Amex Credit Card to make the online payment this time.


Gojek Clone App has streamlined the entire On-Demand Service Industry by giving it a digital platform where Users can directly connect with Service Providers and have to just login once. This App is proven to be commercially successful because of its profit-centric business model. This All in One Services App helps the Entrepreneur in making quick and easy money from Day 1 of the Launch. And when you choose a well-respected White-Labelling firm like On demand app development company, you can go live with your App in just 7 days! What’s stopping you? I’m giving you the key to infinite wealth!

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