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Gojek Clone Script

Gojek Clone Script: Let Your Customers Buy, Sell, and Rent Stuff Online

The Gojek Clone 2023 app is one platform that allows entrepreneurs like you to offer your customers the best on-demand services. From booking a taxi ride to bidding for service with a handyman or ordering blood/plasma from a nearby blood bank, everything is possible with this app.

The good news is that with the latest services of this app, you can allow your users to buy, sell, and rent stuff online!

Surprising, right? Well, let’s explore the in-depths of these unique services.

Benefits of Listing Cars, Properties, and General Items Online

Here are some ways in which listing stuff online on this on-demand multi-service app can benefit your customers.

Read through carefully.

Quick results

Listing things that customers want to sell or put on rent online can help them find quicker results as it will gain more visibility.

A wide audience will be able to see what your customer is selling and renting. And, if the person likes it, they can instantly connect with the seller/renter no matter where they are.

No need to knock door to door

By simply listing the item or property on the Gojek Clone Script, your customers can sell or rent it online!

YES! By simply sitting at home, they can sell or rent a car, vehicle, mobile phone, AC, or anything that they want. The internet is an open space and anyone interested in the item can connect in a jiffy.

No need to spend money unnecessarily on ads!

Your customers don’t need to pay hefty amounts to put ads in newspapers, roam around the locality to stick the posters, or pay a humongous commission to the agent!

On this app, your customers can easily list the items for free and if they want to boost its visibility, they can purchase the plan. With the purchase of this paid plan, the customer’s post will be displayed on top of all the listings, tagged as ‘featured’!

Buy, Sell, and Rent General Items

This new service component allows your registered customers to buy, sell, or rent general items online via the app.

The general item category may include anything like home appliances, mobile phones, phone accessories, electronics, furniture, and so on.

This Gojek Clone 2023 service component allows customers to list the items for free. Moreover, the buyers and renters can connect with the seller with just one click on the call or text button.

Buy, Sell, and Rent Cars

Just like general items, customers can also buy, sell, or rent cars online via this multi-service app.

While listing the car online, the customer needs to mention the car’s name, model, color, selling/renting price, a small description, condition, age, and an overall review. Also, the car owner’s location can also be seen on the map!

If the customer wants to buy or rent the car like the product and wishes to know more details, they can directly connect with the ad owner.

The application integrates an in-app message and voice call option so that the two parties can easily connect.

Buy and Sell Real Estate 

Apart from buying and selling general items and cars, the Gojek Clone 2023 app also offers a component where people can buy/rent real estate.

Gone are the days when your customers had to visit a property agent or post ads in the newspaper! Everything can be done online using this feature-rich application.

In just a few simple steps, customers can post the ad online starting with the option to upload the photos. Next, they need to add the location details like location and the full address.

Further comes the pricing structure step. Here, the customer is supposed to enter the amount they’ll charge for selling or renting the real estate.

Now, if the customer wants they can choose the payment plan. By purchasing this plan, their real estate listing will be shown on priority as ‘featured’!

YES! That is how easy it is to buy, sell, or rent stuff online via this Gojek-like app.

In Conclusion:

Curious to know how to launch the Gojek Clone 2023 app?

Well, you can do that by simply connecting with the sales representatives at the white-labeling firm.

The experts will tell you A to Z of the application! And if you think that this app is meant for you, move further by trying out the demo app before you purchase it!

So, what are you waiting for? Get the app right away!