Gojek Clone: Guide To Launch An On-demand Multi-service Business With Splendid Features

Hypergrowth is difficult to achieve. The fate of your Gojek clone app lies in the hands of your Customers. Industry Experts say that in the next 5-10 years, people will get whatever they need to be delivered to their doorstep within a window of 5 to 60 minutes. 

Technology today has enabled Smart Customers to Book a Ride from Liberty State Park to Hackensack River Waterfront in Jersey City within a blink of seconds. Even hungry students can order their favorite Dunkin Donuts Coolatta Lite Smoothie with Gojek Clone App in between their lectures, or simply get a spontaneous At-Home relaxing Massage in hours. 

This whole idea of an On-Demand Service Multi-Service Business is a rage because it has the support of mobility and convenience. So, White-Label Firms have taken a huge center stage to enroll newer and better Apps like Gojek in the Market. Even Entrepreneurs and Business Investors have placed higher bets on this sector and spectacularly fueled the Industry Growth in Thailand. 

Enough with eulogizing the On-demand Multi-Service Business, let’s get into the process of building one equipped with all the Latest Technology and Unbeatable Features. 

Launch An On-demand Multi-Service Business

Here’s the simple process:

List the required Services 

The first step is to select the number of Services you want to offer in your Multi-Service App in Thailand. There are many Services to choose from like Car Wash Services, Delivery Genie, Transport and Logistics, Beauticians On-Demand, Delivery Runner, Appointments with a Lawyer, a Doctor, Booking a Deep-Tissue Massage Session, etc. 

Draft Your Feature Requirements 

The Entrepreneur should make a draft of all the features they want to add in their On-Demand Multi Services App. This will help the Experienced White-Label Firm to understand what features to incorporate in your App like Face Mask Verification, OTP Verification to Start the Service, Voice Note Instruction, etc.  

Choose Platform for you App 

Entrepreneurs usually choose both, Android and iOS Apps since the Target Audience’s Preferences vary. Also, you can launch your App on Huawei Play Store only if you want. Thus, it is vital for the Entrepreneur to launch the App on Android and Apple App Stores for Market Visibility. 

Find Your Suitable Partner 

After doing all these initial steps, it is mandatory to choose your White-Labeling Partner. Since you are planning to launch a Multi-Service App in Thailand, We will be the best partner you can deal with. many years of experience in launching thousands of such Apps, plus the Experts are Certified and Licensed for their jobs. 

  1. Launch Your App 

you are ready to launch your very own App in just 7 – 10 Business Days! Start earning from Day 1 of the application Launch. 

List of features in Package  

Corona-Specific Features 

  1. Reduced Number of Passengers per Taxi Ride to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Virus. 
  2. Face Mask Verification of the Taxi Driver before the Taxi Trip begins.
  3. Safety Checklist Confirmation and Rider before requesting a Taxi Ride. 
  4. Ride Cancellation option in case Taxi Driver isn’t wearing a Face Mask, hand gloves, or hasn’t sanitized the car. Similarly, a Taxi Driver can cancel the Ride if the Passenger(s) is not wearing a Face Mask. 

Other Latest Features 

  1. iWatch Users can book a Taxi Ride from the Gojek Clone App by simply installing the App on their internet-enabled iPhone. 
  2. The App Owners can include Location-wise Promo Code to target a specific location. 
  3. With Firebase Technology, the App Owner can Verify Mobile Numbers of upto 10,000 new Users every month for Free. This Technology avoids verification using expensive 3rd party Messenger TWILIO.

You can select to Add these handfuls of Services or choose from a dozen bundles.

Services and Features are alright. But, when it comes to picking  Business Revenue Model, you need to do your research well. 

you get to choose from two Business Models:

  1. Subscription Plans: Under this, the App Owner curates different plans for Service Providers. Depending on their budget, the Service Provider needs to make a One-Time-Payment and forget about paying Commission to the App Owner for every single Service rendered through the App. These plans have an Expiration date, but before the Plan expires, the App Owner notifies the Service Provider about the Renewal.
  2. Commission-Based Model: Under this model, the Service Provider chooses not to make a One-Time-Payment and continues to pay Commission to the App Owner for every single Service rendered through the App. The Commission Rate differs based on the genre of the Service Offered. The App Owner earns the set Commission Rate each time the Services get rendered through the  Gojek Clone App. 


So, do you aspire to be a Billionaire? Want to get entitled as the Most Successful Entreprenuwer of 2022? Then, feel free to reach out to the Experts. If you wish to learn more about this Gojek Clone App, unfurl the best in class features in detail in our Live Demo Video. 

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