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Buy more Google Workspace storage for your organization

Google Workspace Additional Storage is an additional subscription that organizations can buy to get additional storage in 10 TB increments. Big organizations and large enterprises may require large volumes of data storage, and they can opt to buy storage spaces. There is no limit on how much storage one can buy. Organizations can buy as much storage as they need. Although upgrading your Google Workspace plan is much more pocket friendly. Today, from this article, you will learn how to buy Google Workspace Additional Storage for growing organizations with added storage space requirements.

What is the price of Google Workspace Additional Storage?

Users can buy Google Workspace Additional Storage as an add-on subscription, and the price is $300 USD per month per user, which adds 10 TB of extra pooled storage to your business. Also, you have the liberty to buy as many subscriptions as you may need. Moreover, the Additional Storage add-on subscription must be brought as annual subscription. However, those who have Business Starter, Business Standard, or Business Plus plans can just upgrade their subscriptions for more storage.

Steps to buy storage for your organization include:             

First, users must sign in as a super administrator to buy Google Workspace Additional Storage. After signing in, follow the steps mentioned below to purchase an add-on additional storage subscription:

Step 1. Go to the Google Admin console and sign in with your super administrator privileges account.

Step 2. From the Admin console, go to Menu, choose Billing, and select the Get More Services option. Here is the chronological order:

Menu > Billing> Get More Services.

Step 3. On the left, you will find the Google Workspace add-ons option; click on it.

Step 4. You will find the Google Workspace Additional Storage card as an option; select Get Started.

Note- In case you don’t see Google Workspace Additional Storage option, that means your edition might not support additional storage.

Step 5. Now, you can purchase one or more subscriptions by following the on-screen instructions.

Additional storage will be added to your organization’s pooled storage automatically. The process might take 5 mins to 4 hours.

How to buy additional storage for a single user?

Sometimes, business owners might need to buy additional storage for a single employee or a few employees. Although Google Workspace does not allow users to buy add-on subscriptions for a single person, you can still manage to get the user the storage he/she needs. Check if the users who require more storage have licenses that support pooled storage; if yes, follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Create an organizational unit or a configuration group, including the users that need additional storage.

Step 2. Set storage limit for the new organizational unit as well as the entire organization unit.

Step 3. Now, add users who require more storage to the new organizational unit or configuration group.

What will happen to my Google Workspace Additional Storage when I decide to switch editions?

If you decide to switch your organization’s Google Workspace edition, there are some editions, such as Business Starter or Cloud Identity, that do not support pooled storage. In that case, your add-on storage will still remain as pooled storage, and your entire organization can still enjoy Additional Storage add-on subscription benefits.

However, for specific users, if you decide to change someone’s license edition and opt for one that does not support pooled storage, these members, unfortunately, will only have the storage capacity that is included in their individual license packages and can no longer leverage pooled storage.


Google Workspace allows users to buy unlimited storage to run their organizations. However, the fundamental prerequisite for buying Google Workspace Additional Storage is that these users must be admins to be able to buy storage. Another important point that Google Workspace admins should not miss is that they cannot buy additional storage for specific users, however, what they can do is increase their storage allowance by adding them to an organizational unit.