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Guide On Shockwave Crashes In Chrome Fix

There are many reasons that cause the crash. In this video, I’ll discuss most of them, at least the ones that I know of. First one we gonna go over is the fact that Google Chrome has flash drive installed, integrated into it already, and your computer might have another flash file in the operating system and what happens is when Chrome tries to use both of them at the same time it might cause that crash thing. To check if that’s the case with you. 

Type in Chrome://pluginsand hit enter, it’ll bring you to this page, and what you gotta look for is where it says Adobe flash player right here, and in my case as you can see I just have the one file and not more than one. If your computer happens to have two files and if that’s the case you’ll see something like this next to Adobe flash player and in some cases you might three files,what you’ll have to do to fix the crashes is just keep one of those files enabled and disable the other two and or the other one whatever the case is. This case is similar to the problem of chrome bookmarks not syncing.

If that doesn’t work, try reversing them. Enable the disabled one and disable the enabled one and see if that helps. That’s the first reason that causes the crashes. The second one, actually is that you might have an outdated version of Chrome. To check if that is the case with you, you go up here to the menu button, click on it, and as you can see in my case I need to upgrade Google Chrome. If you see this message on your computer, that means also that you have to update and you don’t have the latest Chrome version. 

Okay, I am not gonna do it now, because I am trying to make this video as short as possible, because there are so many reasons that cause the crash that we have to go over. Okay, and the third reason that might cause that is, in Chrome there is settings. Actually there is an option that allows you to accelerate hardware to, for better performance, and stuff like that. From the same menu button that we have clicked on here. Aslo read- Roku overheating

You go down to the settings, and all the way down here, you click show advanced settings, and you scroll down almost all the way down to the bottom of the page where you can see under system, you’ll see two options. This is the one you’re concerned with. If this is checked, uncheck it, okay. That might fix the problem too. And, reason number four is, you might have a lot of spyware and malware on your, in your browser. 

What most people don’t realize is that the anti-virus software that you have on your computer is stopping viruses but allowing spyware and malware into the browser which will cause the crashes. So, what you have to do is scan your buy best computer for spyware and malware and remove them if any is found, and that also might take care of the problem. Reason number five might be, if you have any software that is causing conflict with Chrome on your computer or laptop the crashes also will occur, and to check if that’s the case with you. 

You just remove this settings and type in conflicts and enter, and it’ll bring this up, and as you can see in my case, no conflicts detected. If there is any software that’s causing conflict with Chrome, you’ll see it right here. It’ll tell you which one it is. What’s advised to do in that case is to update that software, disable it, or remove it altogether. But before you do any of these things, please make sure that you know what you are doing and it’s not gonna cause any malfunction to your computer. 

What I would advise you to do in this case is, you can go to system restore and create a restore point before you do any changes. Just in case anything goes wrong, you could always go back to system restore and that will bring you back to the point just before you made the changes, and all the changes that you made in case that cause any problems to your computer will be gone. Okay? Okay,that was reason number five, we move on to reason number six. 

Reason number six is, it might be that your computer is old or it doesn’t have enough memory in it, and if you upgrade it and put in more memory in it, more, that will take care of the problem also, because some of these, especially if you are into playing games online. Some of these sites require a lot of memory to run properly, Okay, reason number seven might be, is, you go,you wanna try using the incognito mode with Chrome as that will disable the extensions in Chrome, because if you have a lot of extensions, that might also give you the crashing error message.

 Okay, now if none of these methods work for you what you might have to do is uninstall Chrome altogether and re-install it and see if that fixes the problem. That’s all I know, there might be more reasons that cause the crashes, but those are the ones that I know of, as of now. If you tried all these methods and none of them work for you.

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