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Gum disease

Gum disease in adults

Clean and clear teeth are a sign of a healthy person and a beautiful pair of teeth can make someone’s personality 10 times better. The mouth is one of the most important parts of our body and most people pay less attention to this. People wait for problems to occur to visit a dentist, which is not a good practice.

Gum disease is a kind of infection that spreads even bone present below the teeth. Red gums, swollen gums, and pain are the early symptoms of gum disease.

After eating any meal have you observed a thin layer on your gum? Try moving your tongue over your teeth; have you noticed any difference after and before eating? Before eating the meal, when your teeth were clean it was quite soft but right after the meal, you can feel a new kind of roughness is introduced to your teeth. The roughness you observe is a thin layer of plaque that contains millions and millions of bacteria. These bacteria are very harmful if they are not cleaned properly. This plaque becomes thick time by time. And later on, it becomes tartar.

Many companies claim that their toothpaste or toothbrush can remove tartar. No! no brush or toothpaste can remove tartar only your dentist. The truth is toothbrush and toothpaste helps to remove plaque completely if you are doing oral care properly. If plaque is not removed in its initial stage then it forms tartar, and tarter harms your gums. Tatars are so powerful that it lowers the positions of the jaw. Also, the teeth size starts depleting because of tartar.

Many patients report when they brush it starts bleeding, this is called Gingivitis (swelling in gums). You can see a thin line of swelling right on the gum attached to the teeth. There is a technique to clean that particular area to avoid Gingivitis, if you follow the technique properly then you will never face any kind of swelling on your gums. But if we don’t clean that area properly then the bacteria present there, produce their acidic by-products. This leads to a continuous irritation to your oral area. The continuous acid attack by the bacteria causes Gingivitis. The gums which are completely attached to the teeth are the healthy gums.

When the acid attack is continuous a thick layer is placed between the gum and teeth which is called Pockets. You cannot clean that area yourself, you need a dental assistant to clean that area. There are many new techniques and devices which can cure Pockets easily. Bleeding gums, bad breath, plaque, cavities, etc. should be cured at an initial stage. If you are having any of these problems and you are still not visiting a dentist then you are at loss. Even if you are having a cavity only in a tooth you should visit a dentist and ask for suggestions to remove the cavity, otherwise, it can affect other teeth as well.

Gum disease spreads faster than tooth disease. If you don’t take proper prevention from gum disease then it will spread rapidly and the problem can get worse. Here are some tips and home remedies to avoid gum disease in adults:

  1. You should keep good oral hygiene. You should keep your tongue, teeth, and gum clean.
  2. Do gargle with lukewarm water, also add some amount of salt in it. Add half a tablespoon of salt in one glass of water. You can do it daily at any time of the day, the health of your gum will surely improve with this technique. Salt will help to stop the bacterial growth in teeth as well as in gums.
  3. You can use hydrogen peroxide. Take hydrogen peroxide and dilute it with water and gargle with it and spit it out after 30 seconds. This increases the amount of oxygen in your mouth and slowly reduces bacteria from the oral area.
  4. You can use “Betadine” to rinse your mouth. Take a few ml of betadine with water in good quantity and gargle it. It has a bitter taste but it is very helpful in the removal of bacteria from the mouth.
  5. Take baking soda and salt in the same amount and mix it well, take a soft brush and wet it properly. Now put a small amount of this powder on the brush and gently brush your teeth and gum, where bleeding occurs. Keep the powder a few times and then rinse properly with normal water or with saltwater. This will reduce the problem of bleeding gums.
  6. Take a few drops of pure honey in your finger and massage gently on the affected area. Honey has many antibacterial properties that help to reduce gum and oral problems.

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