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8 Hard Truths Holding You Back Even After Doing Workout!

You are not losing weight and you don’t need to tell us this. There might be a few reasons for it but we are sharing some truths about weight loss that you must be aware and these might be helpful to get the results faster.

Let’s understand the hard truths:

Your body works against you

When you are trying to lose weight, you are not just fighting with cravings but also with your body. Weight loss decreases the hormone Leptin, which signals to your brain that you are full, and then increases the hormone ghrelin which stimulates hunger. The solution to this problem is gradually decreasing your calories and increasing physical activity is a safer way to lose weight.

There are no quick fixes

If you are wishing to lose 30 pounds next week for your high school reunion, it’s not going to happen. Doing a harsh cut on cravings can weaken your metabolism and will damage your weight loss results. Weight loss is a process and one has to go through with it. A healthy diet and sweating in a gym can result better.

Exercises cannot conquer all

Exercise can help you lose weight but it’s almost impossible to do it alone with exercise. Losing weight is more of calorie management and a healthy diet process too. You have to burn more calories than you take and it will automatically start giving results.

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Diet supplements don’t work

Those little pills might be exciting for weight loss but those hard works. Various researches has been done on this and found that liquid diets, fad diets, and over-the-counter pills do not work for weight loss. So, don’t cheat yourself.

One diet does not fit all

Everyone’s body is unique and the diet that works for your father, mother, brother, or sister might not work for you. Consider your health, metabolism, family history, your activity level, your gender, your age, and your liking and disliking too. For weight loss, stick to a diet that you can continue for the long term, it should be particularly on your consideration. If you are unconsciously drinking an energy drink without considering calories, try a Mate Mate energy drink for a naturally caffeinated drink.

He can eat more than she can

It does not seem fair but men have better eating habits and potential than women and still lose weight. Men tend to burn more calories than women due to muscle mass, larger size, elevated levels of the hormone testosterone, and all thanks to genetic structure. Also, men do more physical activity than women in general.

It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change

If you want to lose weight and want to stay healthy, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle even after achieving your fitness goal and months and years to follow. If you leave a workout after achieving your goals, you might be prone to get weighted again. So, make a workout routine and follow it with passion forever. For your weight loss goal, you can have to skip your favorite dishes or modify them and do lots of exercises every day.


People are in rush to lose weight due to non-healthy lifestyle changes these days. Most of us understand the science behind our habits and how to make changes with our bodies. If you keep these points in mind, you will be able to lose healthy weight and it would be great if you can make the workout your routine forever. Keep an eye on calorie intake and lose surely lose weight. Best of luck!