10 Healthy South Indian Breakfasts You Should Try

South Indian cuisine is flavourful, delicious, and just out of this world!. If you do not know much about south Indian cuisine, especially breakfast dishes, then you are at a great loss, my friend. Don’t worry though. In this article, we would like to introduce you to some of the most popular and healthy South Indian breakfast dishes.

South Indian cuisine is a culmination of food styles and preparation from the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. Well known for their mouth-watering flavors, the majority of the South Indian breakfast dishes are rice or rice-based dishes. Some very popular examples include Dosa, Appam, Rasam, Uttapam, etc.

They are a great breakfast option as the dishes are mainly fermented making them healthy for gut microbiota. The fermentation process boosts the immune system, enhances the B vitamins, and also improves the digestibility of foods. If all of this information tempts you to try out some South Indian breakfast dishes, go for it!. The below-mentioned breakfast items can also be considered for lunch, dinner, or even as a snack. Read further to know more about the top 10 healthiest South Indian breakfast dishes that you must try once at least!

1. Dosa
Dosas are very similar to crepes, but they are thinner and crispier. Made with fermented rice and lentils, dosas are nutritious and also delicious. Dosa tends to be larger and small pieces are broken from the big piece while eating. Dosas are paired with dishes like chutney, sambhar, etc. There are different varieties of dosa.

2. Pongal
One of the most popular rice dishes, Pongal is mainly of two types. The Chakarai Pongal is sweer and the second one, Venn Pongal which a spicer version. Venn Pongal is mainly served with coconut chutney or sambhar.

3. Vada and Sambar
Similar in looks to a small brown donut, the vada is a fritter snack made of lentils. The sambhar served with vada is made of tamarind and a variety of vegetables and spices. The sambhar vada is eaten after letting it soak in the sambhar. Some also like to pair the sambhar vada with chutney.

4. Idli
A small, white, and spongy cake made of rice and lentils, the idli is served with chutney, ghee, or sambhar. A very popular breakfast option, some people also have idli as a snack.

5. Puttu
Puttu meaning potioned in Malayalam is made of ground rice and layered with coconut shavings made in steamed cylinders. Puttu can have either a sweet or savory filling. Usually served with Kadala (black chickpeas) curry or moong dal curry, people can also relish puttu with jackfruit, fish curry, or ripe banana. The nutrient profile and health benefits of Puttu are beyond impressive making it one of the most nutritious and healthiest breakfast options.

6. Uttapam
A type of flattened pancake made of rice and lentils batter mixed with vegetables, Uttapam is very similar to dosa. It varies from dosa because of its smaller size and thickness. Uttapam can also be served with chutney or sambhar.

7. Upma
Upma is mainly a porridge that is mixed with onion and chillis, served hot. One of the most popular breakfast items in South India, the Upma is usually made of sooji or rava. The roasted rava is cooked in the water, flavored with ghee, chana dal, ginger, onion, urad dal, cashews, and additional spices and herbs, for the preparation of upma. Low in cholesterol and calories, upma has fibers, healthy fats, and vitamins.

8. Chettinad Appam
Made of fermented rice batter and coconut milk, the Chettinad Appam is essentially a pancake dish. Chettinad is part of the region of Tamil Nadu, the Sivaganga district. It also has the meaning of a social caste specializing in the preparation of food.

9. Paniyaram
Paniyaram is made of black lentils and rice and is made on a special pan with multiple small fissures. The batter composition of paniyaram is similar to that of idli and dosa. Paniyaram can be both sweet and also savory depending on its ingredients, jaggery or chillies.

10. Idiyappam
A traditional dish of Kerala, Sri Lankan, and Tamilian households, the idiyappam is made by pressing the rice flour dough into a noodle form and then steaming it. Made of either wheat flour or rice flour, rice, and water, idiyappam is a great breakfast and also dinner option. Idiyappam can be paired with vegetable stew, mutton stew, green peas curry, etc.

Make your next breakfast South Indian!
The dishes from South India are so delicious, impressive, and healthy that you would
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Make your mornings amazing with these popular South Indian breakfast dishes!