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Here at Lyons Health & Wellness, we are dedicated to providing top-notch medical care in a variety of specialisations. We are a prominent healthcare provider in Lyons, Colorado. Our clinic takes great satisfaction in having specialists in a number of areas, including weight management, mental health, women’s health, sports performance, and men’s health. Today, we’re concentrating on women’s health care, one of our primary areas of expertise, with a focus on hormone imbalance and weight gain in particular.

Lyons Health & Wellness offers comprehensive women’s health care.

At Lyons Health & wellbeing, we recognise that women’s health includes a broad range of requirements, including mental wellbeing, chronic disease management, and reproductive health. Our committed group of medical experts is here to offer compassionate, individualised treatment that is suited to every woman’s particular health journey.

Recognising Women’s Hormone Imbalance

Hormones are essential for controlling a number of body processes, such as mood, metabolism, and reproductive health. When a hormone is present in the bloodstream in excess or insufficient amounts, it can cause an imbalance that interferes with the body’s regular functions. The health and general wellbeing of a woman can be greatly impacted by this imbalance.

Typical Reasons for Hormone Misbalance

An array of factors can lead to hormone abnormalities, such as:

  • Menopause: A woman’s naturally occurring decrease in reproductive hormones in her 40s or 50s.
  • PCOS stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome, a disorder marked by high levels of testosterone, irregular menstruation, and ovarian cysts.
  • Thyroid Disorders: Severe hormonal disturbances can result from both hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).
  • Stress: Extended periods of stress can raise cortisol levels, which can affect the levels of other hormones.
  • A poor diet combined with inactivity Hormone imbalances can be caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices.
  • Medication: Hormone levels can be impacted by some drugs, including birth control pills.

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms

Depending on the particular hormones involved, symptoms of hormone imbalance can vary greatly, but frequently include:

  • Weight Gain: An imbalance in hormones is frequently indicated by unexplained weight gain, especially around the belly.
  • Fatigue: Constant exhaustion even after getting enough sleep.
  • Mood Swings: Hormonal changes have been related to irritability, anxiety, and depression.
  • Period irregularities: Variations in the regularity, flow, and length of the menstrual cycle.
  • Hormonal shifts can impact hair development patterns, leading to hair loss or thinning.
  • Skin Changes: Hormones can have a role in acne, dry skin, and other skin conditions.

Unbalanced Hormones and Weight Gain

One of the most prevalent and annoying signs of a hormone imbalance is weight gain. The following are some ways that certain hormonal problems might lead to weight gain:

Resistance to Insulin

Insulin is one hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels. Insulin resistance develops when the body’s cells do not respond to insulin as well as they should, which causes blood sugar levels to rise. This disease is a common sign of PCOS and is often linked to weight gain. 

Thyroid Hormone Disproportion

The hormones that control metabolism are produced by the thyroid gland. A sluggish metabolism brought on by hypothyroidism, a disorder in which the thyroid is underactive, can cause weight gain.

Stress and Cortisol

Called the “stress hormone,” cortisol is a substance that the adrenal glands generate. Prolonged elevated cortisol levels brought on by chronic stress are linked to increased appetite and desires for unhealthy foods, both of which can contribute to weight gain.

Dominance of Oestrogen

When the body has more oestrogen than progesterone, it is known as oestrogen dominance. This imbalance, which is common in perimenopausal women, can result in weight gain, particularly in the hips and thighs.

Handling Weight Gain and Hormone Imbalance

We provide complete care for hormone abnormalities and related weight gain at Lyons Health & Wellness. Our strategy consists of:

Examinations for Diagnosis

The first step in treating hormone abnormalities is making an accurate diagnosis. To determine certain abnormalities and evaluate hormone levels, we employ sophisticated diagnostic testing. These examinations could consist of saliva testing, blood panels, and other specialist assessments.

Tailored Care Programmes

Our staff creates personalised treatment programmes based on the findings of each diagnostic test. Possible treatment entails:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): HRT can help restore hormone balance in people going through menopause or experiencing substantial hormonal reductions.
  • Medications: To treat PCOS, thyroid abnormalities, or other hormonal issues, prescription drugs may be required.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Stress reduction, exercise, and diet are all essential for treating hormone imbalances. Our specialists offer advice on adopting healthier lifestyle choices.
  • Nutritional Support: Hormone balance depends on a healthy diet. To assist patients in adopting nutrient-dense, well-balanced meals, we provide dietary counselling.
  • Supplements: Herbal treatments, vitamins, and minerals are some examples of supplements that can assist hormonal health.

All-inclusive Services for the Health of Women

Lyons Health & Wellness provides a comprehensive range of services to support women’s health at every stage of life, extending beyond hormone imbalance and weight gain. Among our offerings are:

Regular exams, such as Pap screenings, pelvic exams, and breast exams, are part of the reproductive health gynaecological examinations.

  • Contraceptive counselling: advice on family planning and birth control methods.
  • Support and therapy for menopause symptoms are referred to as menopause management.
  • Mental Wellness: A vital component of total well-being is mental wellness. Among our mental health offerings are:
  • Counselling and Therapy: Sessions for both individual and group therapy to address mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and other issues.
  • Stress management: Methods and assistance for reducing stress and enhancing mental health.

Sports Performance 

Our sports performance services are intended to improve athletic performance and reduce injury risk for female athletes and physical activity participants. Services consist of:

  • Physical therapy: Strategies for injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Performance Training: Tailored exercise regimens to increase flexibility, strength, and stamina.
  • Nutritional counselling: Personalised eating regimens to help achieve sporting objectives.

Control of Weight

Specialised programmes are available at our Colorado Centre for Weight Management to assist women in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Among the services we offer for weight management are:

  • Comprehensive Assessments: Analysis aimed at identifying the root causes of weight increase.
  • Personalised Weight Loss Plans: Tailored programmes that focus on behavioural, nutritional, and physical adjustments.
  • Medical Supervision: Constant medical supervision to track development and make required corrections.

Success Stories: Real Patients, Real Results

At Lyons Health & Wellness, we take great pride in the beneficial effects we have on the lives of our clients. A few success stories from ladies who have benefited from our all-encompassing care are included below:

Sarah’s Hormone Balancing Journey

Sarah, a forty-five-year-old mother of two, presented to us with symptoms of exhaustion, mood fluctuations, and weight gain. We conducted extensive diagnostic tests and found that she had an underactive thyroid. Sarah was able to effectively control her symptoms by following a customised treatment plan that comprised thyroid medication, dietary adjustments, and a specific exercise regimen. She shed the extra pounds, got her energy back, and felt like her old self.

Emily’s Fight Against PCOS

Emily, a 28-year-old working woman, has irregular periods and gained a considerable amount of weight before being diagnosed with PCOS. Our team created a thorough plan that includes stress management strategies, dietary counselling to help weight loss, and medicines to control her menstrual cycle. Emily’s symptoms subsided and she reached a healthy weight, which gave her the confidence she needed to resume her personal and professional life.

Lisa’s Handling the Menopause

Lisa, a 52-year-old lady, came to us with severe menopausal symptoms, including weight gain, hot flashes, and night sweats. In addition to recommending hormone replacement treatment (HRT), we also offered lifestyle advice, such as a balanced diet and consistent exercise. Lisa felt more at peace and in charge of her health as her symptoms subsided.

Lyons Health & Wellness: Why Choose Us?

Lyons Health & Wellness is committed to offering outstanding care that is customised to meet the specific requirements of women.

Professional Group

Gynaecologists, endocrinologists, dietitians, and mental health specialists are among the skilled and caring medical professionals on our team that specialise in women’s health.

All-inclusive Care

We provide a comprehensive approach to women’s health that takes into account their mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Your health is taken into consideration and cared for in all respects thanks to our comprehensive services.

Individualised Care

We support individualised treatment. To achieve the best results, each treatment plan is tailored to your unique requirements.

Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Instruments

Modern diagnostic equipment is what we utilise to precisely diagnose and treat health problems. We promise to provide you with the best possible care thanks to our dedication to innovation and technology.

Patient-First Method

Our first priorities are your well-being and contentment. We engage you at every stage of your treatment plan, listen to your worries, and respond to your inquiries.

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