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How and where to use tiles to get the best impact and design?

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You’ve decided to switch up a particular part of your home – kitchen, bathroom, an outdoor area, or other, and you’re set on using tiles. With regards to the interior or exterior of the space, one thing we all have to pay attention to is the walls and floors of the house. These play key roles in your home design. Tiles are one of the best choices for many areas, and there are many styles to choose from to fit your home perfectly. This is a short guide through some but the best choices for house design with tiles.

1 Floor or wall tiles?

Even though it seems only the design is the difference between floor and wall tiles, there is more to this division than meets the eye of a regular homeowner. Floor tiles are more often made denser and fired at higher temperatures than wall tiles, thus making them safer to walk on. Simply saying, floor tiles are stronger than wall tiles. When looking for a classic ceramic tile, look for porcelain if you are looking for a sturdier material.

2 Outdoors or indoor tiles?

Tiles are an ideal choice for wet areas, as they have maximum water resistance. To add to this, some indoor floor tiles are specially developed to be used in high traffic areas, while outdoor areas are even more specific, as they require tiles with greater slip resistance to ensure you’re kept safe from rain, pool water with chlorine, or colorful party spills.

3 Halls

Even though at first one neutral color would seem like a logical choice for the passing hall, halls can add to your home charm. The parts of the home where you don’t stay for too long, halls are the perfect connector to different rooms that have different purposes or details. Simple gradient color can show the ‘depth’ of the hall, visually elongating it, or the subtle sand or stone neutral colors contrasting any shade of blue will certainly add to the beachy vibe. 

4 Mudroom and home entrance

The main entrance to your home, the door entrance should give your guest an idea of the style. The essence of the house’s special spice should be seen in the entrance so why not embrace the dominant colors with the colorful mosaic tiles? Inside or outside, the mosaic will send the value of the home up while adding to its nature even more. Do not sleep on the softness or simplicity of the mudroom entrance, since the tiles are easy to clean and keep clean as a house flooring.

5 Living room

You don’t need to make a new room or add to an existing hall. The details added to a living room – no need for a complete floor change, you can play with geometric shapes to make a simple mosaic art piece that will attract attention on the accent wall. Even simpler solutions – covering a part of the wall with natural tiles to invite nature in, or going for it and changing the flooring to a natural tile completely while still saving the wooden looks of the room, are all just ideas for your cleanest looking living room.

6 Alfresco: dining outdoors

Going back to the outdoors, your outdoor living room can benefit greatly from having flooring made from tiles completely. A design that follows the sitting areas, the busier ones where it would be harder to see the splotch and the dirt are a great solution for the alfresco area. Around the pool or sink, porcelain tiles are the best choice since they are highly vitrified, which means they retain the least moisture possible. Some Italian mansion inspiration is a fine idea for a Mediterranean vibe alfresco gives off.

7 Update bathroom and kitchen

The most common room in the home for tiles – bathroom and kitchen are the wettest areas so tiles here are actually a ‘must’. However, they don’t need to be boring places. Nowadays tiles are made with many different finishes – mat, shiny, colorful, mosaic, granite, marble, and many more.

You can mix browns, greens, and natural while making the jungle of your bathroom, or make a project out of tile decoration around the tub, in the shower, or around the mirror. In the kitchen add different tiles to the surfaces and combine the colors with hardware to make everything look unexpected but tasteful.

8 Bonus tips for hot summers – bedhead tiles

For those living in hot and wet areas, there is no worse feeling than not being able to sleep properly from the heat and the irritating sound of ac. So here’s a catch: tiled bedhead will not only have a cooling effect while you sleep, but it can easily become the feature of the room by using a bold pattern with neutral bedding. Enjoy your tiling projects!

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