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How can we integrate technology in our education system?

If technology is integrated smartly and seamlessly in the classroom environment, it enables students to be more involved and interested in the material being taught along with encouraging them to have more control over what they are learning. Integration of technology in an effective way in an education system allows for learning that is project based and is more centered on the students. 

There are various ways to integrate the use of technology in an academic environment. Introducing phones, laptops, notebooks or other devices in the room and letting students use them to research for assignments and making projects will create a deeper understanding of the content the teacher is conveying to them. There might be hurdles for you to use technology within the class environment but as there are different ways to achieve tech integration. You can use any of them to get a satisfying result.

For a successful integration of technology the teacher himself will need to realize the changes and requirements of the modern world and then to mould their teaching approach according to that. With the introduction of tech devices in class the teacher will not remain the main focus of the students but that does not meant they will lose their importance in the process of learning. Mentors will still be an essential part of a tech integrated classroom as they will need to guide their students to use the devices in a useful way and come up with content that is genuinely beneficial for gaining knowledge and is authentic.

How can we define a successful tech integrated classroom? This can depend on the types of tech being used, how much access is available to it within the class and who is using it. In a class which has a single computer and interactive whiteboard the learning process will be centered on the teacher and the integration will be revolving around the needs of the teacher. But there are still ways to make sure these limited tools become more involving for your students and will allow you and your pupils to do projects that you couldn’t do before in a more efficient and rapid manner.

Interactive websites, activities, online videos, games and virtual exercises related to the topics you are teaching in class can be very engaging for your students and will develop their interest in even the most monotonous of subjects and lessons. You can further connect with your students on an individual level if they need special assistance even beyond the class through video conferencing tools. Tech integration will bring out potential in students that you haven’t seen before as they will be able to learn at their own pace when the whole class does not have the same set text material they must study from. Each of them will be able to bring their own unique perspective to a group discussion or class presentation and they will discover themselves what their true potential is. This will create a group of happier and more productive students in comparison to a traditional classroom.

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