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Cardio Exercises

Flat Stomach Cardio Exercises

Who does not dream of getting those washboard abs such as John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan and Lara Dutta? However, if you’re currently sporting a pot belly wishing to get all those packs might seem impossible to you. Nevertheless, there are some exercises off that target your upper and lower abdomen muscles and the external obliques helping you to burn off fat from the belly. Try these five exercises to burn off that belly right off. The abdomen crunch is much like the exercise many individuals did in their childhood the sit ups. The main difference is that while do a sit-up you raise your whole back, during an abdomen crunch you only raise your shoulder and keep your lower back on the ground. Use some active and fit direct promo code for budgeted exercise gadgets needed.

This motion helps target the abdominal area without having to put pressure on the hips or lower back. 

5 Types of Crunches

Here are 5 types of crunches which you could try to get a great flat belly. The way to do: 

  • Lie down flat on your back on the floor. 
  • Flex your knees. For some variation, you might also keep your legs on a gym ball or a bench. 
  • Put your arms around your chest or behind your head. 
  • Now raise your head until your scapula are two to 3 inches off the ground. 
  • Ensure that your lower back is not raised. Repeat to get 15-20 times and try and do 3 sets. 

Perfect Yoga Poses

In addition, try these 10 yoga poses to get a flat tummy. The way to do: 

  • Simply lie down flat on your back and flex your knees. 
  • Slowly lift your legs from your hips and bring your knees up to your chest while maintaining your soles upward. 
  • Bring your leg back to the beginning position, but bear in mind off that it shouldn’t touch the floor. Repeat this motion 20 times and do 3 sets. 

The plank is among the most famous exercises for core conditioning and it’ll assist build resistance in the abdomen area. The good thing is it requires no additional equipment except to get your bodyweight. Having some top beauty discount code and promotions lets you have the perfect look.

Right Exercise to Burn The Stomach Fat

Try these different variations of board to burn stomach fat. The way to do: 

  • Get in a prone position on the floor comparable to the way you would do to get a push-up. 
  • Ensure that your arms are bent and beneath the shoulders. 
  • Keep your back straight and hold this position so long as possible. 

Try and do at least 3 sets of thirty seconds each. Named after the motion woodcutters make to chop wood this exercise works your abs, shoulders and obliques. 

Here’s another exercise for flat stomach. The way to do: we’ll explain how to do that exercise with a medicine ball although the shape and movement remains the same regardless of the gear you are using. Stand straight while holding a medicine ball. Keep your legs straight and legs hip width apart and repeat the process above.

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