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How to travel without breaking the bank

Travelling is often associated with luxury. It is a common thought that travelling is something you can do only at the end of every year or even two years. But nowadays that is not true. There are a million different ways where you can travel without having to sell an arm or a leg.

With the advent of the internet, travel freaks like us have found solutions for many of the problems which existed earlier. So here are a few ways you can travel without having to break your bank.

1. Shared lodging

While before shared lodging with good safety standards was a distant dream, it is not anymore. Airbnb is a great app where you can find residences or lodging at extremely cheap prices. Just make sure to book the place in advance as many of the popular tourist spots usually get booked pretty quickly. Another thing to keep an eye for is the rating and the reviews given to the place.

2. Couch Surfing

If you think you cannot afford Airbnb, there is another solution. Couchsurfing is an application where you get to stay over at places for free. How Couchsurfing works is pretty simple. There are hundreds of thousands of people around the globe who act as hosts to anyone visiting. You send a request asking them if you can crash at their place and if they accept, then you’re free to do so. The only downside to this is that the community works on trust. So if you’re new,it’ll take time to build a reputation and contacts. You helping others live at your place is a great way to do that.

 3. Eat the local food

There are two advantages to this. The first one is that you truly get to experience the culture of that place. The second one is that it will save you a lot of money. Ask the locals for places where they usually eat and if you can get the local food there. Don’t rely much on google because sometimes even though the ratings are high, the places usually have a standard menu. The food on the menu can be found pretty much everywhere.

4. Book flights in advance

If there’s one thing that will mess up your travel budget, then that is expensive flights. There are many websites like kayak or Skyscanner that will help you compare the flights that go the same way. Booking weeks in advance will help you get cheaper tickets and help you save a lot of money. Another trick is to book a flight to the nearest city. Sometimes, taking the direct flight to a popular city costs much more than somewhere nearby. So take a flight to the nearest city and then get on a bus or train to reach your destination.

5. Avoid taxis

The other headache of travelling on a budget is local taxis. They are necessary or there’s a high chance that you may get scammed. Take a bus or the train to travel to the place you want to go to. Or even better walk to your destination. That way you can experience the city to the full extent. You also gave the freedom to take short detours whenever you like.

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