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Gojek Clone

Powerful Apps like Gojek are a raging hit among Entrepreneurs worldwide because their sales have quadrupled ever since they introduced all three vital Payment Methods on their multi-service single login platforms. Cash on Delivery (COD), In-App Wallet and Debit/Credits Cards are the reigning Divas of the Payment Mode Portfolio of this Giant On-Demand Service Industry.

Sales have exponentially increased because Customers are now provided with various Payment Options for them to pick one from for the ease of placing orders online!

What happens when your Gojek Clone App accepts only online payment made via Debit/Credit Cards?

You lose customers! Period! With online scams at its peak and User Database being hacked and stolen becoming a new norm now, Customers are a bit reluctant to enter their confidential details on the Internet such as their Card Number, Expiry Date, Phone Number and even CVV. And here I’m not talking about illiterate Lower-Middle Class Families but highly-educated ones who still opt for Cash on Delivery. They want to see the product in their hands before they shell out money!

Because nowadays Trust has become an expensive and a rare entity!

But then again, there are those risk-takers who make payments online using their Cards simply because they trust the Site’ Brand reputation. And at times, even when the Brand is original and trustable and the Customer is willing to pay online, the User might not have enough money in the Bank Account to make the payment online and hence wants to opt for Cash On Delivery!

This means Violet of Philadelphia cannot have her favourite Fudgy Dark Brownies with a soft touch of Nutella and Peanut Butter from Darnel’s

Why So? Because she has gone broke and has hardly $1.65 in her bank account. She is a freshman in the University of Pennsylvania and has spent all of her monthly allowance for the last three months put together on buying a brand new iPhone 11Pro. Although she still has one crisp note of US $20 in her Levi’s Boyfriend Jeans.

But let’s acknowledge this fact that it’s a rare occurrence that Americans are opting for Cash on Delivery because mass trend tells something otherwise.

Americans love to swipe their Credit Cards wherever they go!

And in such a scenario if your All-In-One Services App accepts only COD orders then your sales will crash significantly and you can’t run your business in the United States of America. You’d have to ultimately shut it down or be a smart Entrepreneur and add two more Payment Methods to your platform – In-App Wallet and use of Debit/Credit Card.

Violet calls up her Mom who is an Attorney at Marrone Law Firm, LLC and tells her that she is broke! But Mum is in the middle of a Bench Trial. She immediately logs into her daughter’s Gojek Clone App and transfers $100 in her In-App Wallet using her Amex Credit Card!

Violet is stuffing her face with Fudgy Brownies!

However, there have been reported instances wherein the Rider opted for COD as mode of payment and booked a luxurious Taxi Ride to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, New York City to attend the live concert of Popstar Taylor Swift.

And you won’t believe what happened next?

The Rider swiftly jumped off the Mercedes Maybach and ran like the wind. The Taxi Driver couldn’t even do anything because the Rider camouflaged with the dense crowd of quarter of a million fans of Taylor Swift.

That is why it is extremely crucial to give your Users the freedom to choose between any one of the three Payment methods just to make their lives easier.

App like Gojek are crafted with care and with such precision that the purpose of its existence is to make life easier for its Users by introducing Quicker modes of Payment, Quick Delivery in shortest time possible, single login to have instant access to 70+ on-demand services.


Gojek Clone App is the living embodiment of perfection that delivers a seamless User-Friendly Interface for Users to login once and have an instant access to a wide array of on-demand services. Do you aspire to make easy and quick money? Do you have an entrepreneurial gene in you? Then contact App Development Company right this second and launch your App like Gojek in just under 7 days!

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