How Pillow Boxes Are a Unique and Versatile Packaging Solution

The pillow boxes are easy-to-carry packages. They help in the perfect packaging of all kinds of products. You can use them for gifting as well as retailing purposes. The unique designs and appearance are what made them the most distinctive. They do not merely look marvelous, but they also serve their function right. They provide effective security to the products. Besides this, here are some features that make them unique and versatile packaging solutions. 

Unique style

The custom pillow boxes are unique-looking. They look like a pillow that is made out of cardboard or corrugated material. This pillow not only looks attractive, but it provides so many advantages. The unique style of packaging helps in giving out a beautiful image of the packed item. You can package all sorts of products in these boxes. Whether you want to pack jewelry or some chocolates, candies, etc., they are the best possible solution. These boxes make sure to increase the value of packed items and attract more customers. Businesses are using such kinds of boxes so that they can grab the interest of more customers. This strategy helps the businesses in generating more sales. 

Allow exclusive printing

Printing is the option that helps in converting dull boxes into fantastic packaging. The custom printed pillow boxes look far better than the plain and basic boxes. Various types of printing techniques are available, through which one can print the boxes into beautiful colors. These techniques include the use of digital, screen, and offset printing. All of these techniques help in making boxes look fabulous. You can print the boxes in a single shade, or you can opt for the printing of artwork on the surfaces. You have the freedom to decide the outlook of your boxes. Besides this, you can also display important information about the brand or the product through printing. By displaying brand-specific information, you can use the boxes as a marketing tool. 

You can laminate the boxes

The customization is an offer through which you can make the boxes as per your liking. Manufacturing companies provide these options to their clients. Through this, you can decide all the features and aspects of your cardboard boxes. To give the boxes a fancier look, then you can opt for lamination. Matte, glossy, and spot UV are three types of laminations from which you can choose either one. Matte gives a classic yet elegant outlook, while glossy lamination provides a sleek appearance. You should select these options by considering the nature of your packaging item and its requirement. 

Cost-effective solutions

These boxes are made out of materials that are easily available in the marketplace at a reasonable pricing range. So, these boxes do not cost much. Besides this, there is also an option of pillow boxes wholesale. By opting for this, you can get bulk quantities of customized packages at cost-effective prices. Businesses need large quantities of boxes for packaging and shipment purposes. So, they buy in such offers. This way, they do not have to spend a huge amount of money. Also, low prices in the wholesale offer do not affect the quality of packaging. That is why businesses are making the best out of this offer. They also opt for customized options as they do not have to pay additional charges for that. 

Eco-friendly options

The pillow packaging is sustainable and biodegradable. They are eco-friendly options of packaging that make sure to provide protection to items as well as the ecosystem. Unlike plastic packaging, they do not pollute the environment. They are recyclable as well as biodegradable. Microorganisms degrade such packaging leaving no harmful residue behind. This way, they do not contribute to global warming. Due to this reason, people love using these packaging solutions. They prefer the products that come in recyclable packaging options. 

Specially textured surfaces

Different types of finishing coats are available through which you can change the appearance of these custom boxes. Normally, cardboard or corrugate packaging comes with plain surfaces that do not attract customers. So, manufacturing companies provide options like customization to the business clients. One of the options includes the change of texture that helps in giving a new appearance to the package. You can change the texture through embossing, debossing, or even metallic foiling. Embossing helps in leaving a relief image of the print or design, giving a special raised image. Embossed surfaces look stunning, and they grab the attention of more customers. 

Pillow boxes are a unique and distinctive packaging solution. You can customize and modify them as per the requirement of your product. They have a strong structure that provides product protection. Besides this, the environmentally friendly nature of the packaging is one of the best qualities of these boxes. They help in protecting the environment. You can use such packaging solutions to support and promote a green campaign.

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