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How to convert TBC to Naira

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convert 1TBC to naira at current price

TBC stands for the billion coin. It’s an emerging cryptocurrency that was created in 2016. It’s like bitcoin but its basic structure is a bit different but both are decentralized. TBC is legal in those countries where other cryptocurrencies are legal. In Nigeria, you can easily buy and sell TBC at different exchange platforms. As TBC is a bit new in the market so new investors don’t know about it. Most of them don’t know what is kringle and how many kringles make 1 TBC?

The smallest unit of TBC is Kringle as the smallest unit of bitcoin is Satoshi and the smallest unit of the dollar is cent. 1 Million Kringles make 1 TBC as 100Kobo make 1Naira. Now if you are looking for a platform to convert 1TBC to naira at current price , you will get so many websites but the most reliable one At this website, you can easily convert 1tbc ti naira, TBC to dollar, and TBC to any world currency.

How much is 1 TBC to Naira?

TBC can be easily converted into any world currency at the best rates. According to the founders of TBC, its value grows by 5% every day and its price depends upon its verified users. According to the founder, the value of TBC never goes down. Its value in the Nigerian market is 1 TBC= 300 naira.

The value of TBC is not fixed but it changes over time. You can also spend your TBC in shopping because there are many online stores and shopping malls that accept TBC as a payment method. Kavwin Nigeria limited was the first mall that accepts TBC as a payment method. You can buy electronics, beauty, fashion, gadgets, and different other things with TBC in Nigeria. 

Online stores that accept TBC in Nigeria

It is the era of the internet, every business is shifting over the internet many shopping stores started accepting TBC as a payment method. As discussed above Kavwin Nigeria Limited was the first Mall that started accepting TBC as a payment method. There are many other stores as well as sites that accept TBC. You can search on the internet about the sites that accept TBC. Some of the sites that accept TBC are.

⦁     Facebook groups. Sign in to Facebook and search for the buy and sell groups in which TBC can be used as a payment.

⦁   Kavwin Nigeria limited. You can buy different products through it as discussed

⦁   Fikky-fissy technology (FFT). You can buy things related to technology and different software with TBC.

⦁    Famous Global School. …

⦁     FIM studios.

⦁  Alex Oyibo. Is a person doing interior design business accepts TBC.

⦁   And different new Online stores that accept TBC.

TBC to BTC exchanger

TBC is a decentralized cryptocurrency like bitcoin. BTC was created in 2009 by a Japanese named Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is said to be the #1 cryptocurrency in the world. In recent years, the price of bitcoin reached a boom because of a large number of investors and investment companies invested in it. In Nigeria and other countries where TBC and BTC both are legal, You can exchange TBC to BTC and BTC to TBC at the TBC to BTC exchanger.

Many exchange websites provide the facility to exchange one cryptocurrency for another. If you are exchanging TBC to BTC at the exchanger then you must have to get the bitcoin wallet first. The exchange procedure is easy and simple as discussed below:

⦁  Open the exchanger on your web browser

⦁  Select the TBC in the sell section and BTC in the payment section

⦁ Then press “Continue” and you will be on the next page.

⦁  Enter the TBC address and then press continue

⦁  Then put your bitcoin wallet address at which you want to receive bitcoin and press “Order now” and your transaction will be made within seconds.

⦁     The converted price of 1TBC to BTC is 0.00000001 BTC

The billion coin exchange to get best rates

As discussed above there are many exchanges in the world at which users can exchange TBC to any world currency. In Nigeria, you can easily convert 1tbc to naira at current price at It is the best online exchange that doesn’t charge any fee for the exchange. The process to exchange is easy and simple and as follows:

⦁    Open the website on the web browser

⦁    Enter the amount of TBC you want to exchange and the payment method.

⦁    Press Sell Now and you will be redirected to the next page

⦁    Review your information and proceed.

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