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How to Keep Your Shed Secure from Thieves and Burglars?

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The sheds in the garden space or outdoor area are highly vulnerable to thefts and break-ins. It is so because the shed is in the outdoor space and they are easily approachable by thieves and burglars. Usually, the garden sheds are filled with valuable tools and garden equipment. Thieves and burglars can use expensive tools and equipment to break into the house. It means that you should keep your shed secure to ensure the security and safety of your family.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various reasons to keep your shed safe and secure. Take a look at the following points: 

1.Wisely Select the Location

You should wisely select the location of your shed. It is very much important to ensure that your shed is not easily visible from the street. But it should not be so out of sight that even you cannot see it from your home. If your shed is easily visible from the street then it will become an easy target for burglars and thieves.

2.Replace Shed Door Hinges

The door hinge in the shed is the weakest point. The door hinges are attached with small size screws and they can be easily unscrewed. You can easily make them sturdy by replacing screws with bolts and nuts. In addition to this, you should also glue to the nut to make it tougher. You should install good-quality shed hinges to ensure the safety and security of the shed.

3.Strong Lock

You should never use a basic lock for your shed because it can be easily bypassed. We recommend you choose a hasp and strong padlock for extra safety and security. Only one padlock is enough for ensuring the safety of your shed.

4.Obscure Windows

If there are windows in your shed, then you should ensure that passersby cannot easily see what you have stored in your shed. They can easily see whether your shed is worth breaking in or not. If they observe anything valuable, then they will start making plans to break in. When it comes to the shed’s security, windows are weak points. It will allow the criminals to easily get inside your home by breaking the glass.

5.Install Alarm

Even after considering the precautions which are described above, you should install the alarm. It is one of the most important things to do for ensuring the safety of your shed. Therefore, it is very important to scare them with the alarm. If you have a good budget, then you should also consider the installation of a motion sensor at the corner of the shed. With the help of a door sensor and siren, you can easily detect intruders.

6.Properly Store Tools

You should never leave tools inadequately inside your shed because it affects the security of your property. It will look like you do not care about your belongings at all. Moreover, thieves can use these tools to break in. You should keep your shed organized with the help of a shed and pegboard, storage shelf, and hooks. It will help to keep your tools neat and tidy.

7.Use One Box for Small Items

You may have done everything possible to ensure the security of the shed and prevent the entrance of thieves and burglars. Sometimes, it is possible to leave the door unlocked. In this case, you can prevent the valuable items by storing them inside the box. It will keep your tools secure and reduce the probability of theft.

8.Lock Large Size Items

If you lock large items together by using the bike lock, then it will not be easy for them to find your belongings. You should also move your bike, leaf blower, and lawnmower together to one place inside the shed.

9.Mark Your Belongings

If you will take the precautions which are described above, then the probability of stealing will reduce. But you can further ensure security by marking your possession with the security system. It could be as simple as a UV pen or any other kind of advanced marking system. It is very much important to register your items so that you can easily find them even after stealing.

Final Words:

These are some of the techniques which will help in ensuring the safety of your shed.

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