Home Decor – How to Keep Your Drapery Clean for a Long Period of Time

Drapes, drapery and window coverings all contain a large amount of dust over time. Although they might appear visibly clean, drapes and drapery cleaning is actually a very necessary part of home cleaning. Using a drape or drapery cleaning solution, regularly cleaned fabrics can be restored to like-new. Dry cleaning drapery fabrics will take away the harsh elements that degrade them over time, such as perspiration, oils and dirt.

Using an all-purpose cleaner or steam cleaning agent, cotton or synthetic fabrics will turn from an annoying mess into a workable material. With a wet cotton cloth, try cleaning the drapery or window treatments in your home on a regular basis to maintain the beauty and sheen of your interior decor. This not only keeps them clean but it also aids in maintaining their longevity. Drapes and drapery cleaning should be done once a month. Use a mild yet effective cleaning agent for fabrics made of cotton or polyester.

Make Your Windows Shine like New Again

The key to successful drapery cleaning process begins with proper timing. Clean your draperies or window treatments before you set out to even hems them. Doing so helps remove any loose dirt particles that you might have missed with a vacuum or a damp mop. For those who used steam cleaning, make sure to set aside enough time to thoroughly dry your treatments after they have been cleaned. By doing this, there is less chance of a spill or stain taking hold. By following these simple steps, you can rest assured that your drapery or window treatments are properly maintained to enhance the beauty of your home.

Professional drapery cleaning services have the right equipment and the right products to clean and restore draperies. But they all are not the same, nor do they offer the same services. Some will come in, work for a few hours, clean and then disappear, leaving your expensive drapery looking shabby and old. But you don’t need to go through that with your on-site or off-site drapery cleaning services. Whether your drapery is faded, stained, or dirty, there is a way to have it looking new again. Drapery cleaners know what to do to restore your windows to their original beauty. They will have the experience and know-how to use cleaning solutions they personally use, so you know they won’t damage your curtains or drapery in any way.

Benefits of Drapery Cleaning

When it comes time for a new set of drapes or when a new window coverings need to be replaced, it is wise to consider hiring a professional drapery cleaning service in order to get your windows cleaned from top to bottom. Drapery cleaning and dry cleaning service professionals can effectively remove stains and restore clean-looking window treatments to their original appearance without causing any damage to your ceilings, walls or floors. Window drapery cleaning and dry cleaning services can help you maintain your privacy, comfort and savings by cleaning your drapery from top to bottom, professionally and efficiently. Whether you’re seeking to revamp your entire home with new drapes and treatments or you just need your windows cleaned on occasion, a cleaning company can keep your window treatments looking new for a long time to come.

Drapery cleaning – It took an expert!

Professional dry cleaning and drapery cleaning can keep your house or office looking great all year long. Dust and dirt can accumulate on your blinds, drapes and other window treatments and can sometimes cause them to look dirty and old. A quality dry cleaning company can remove the dust and dirt that collects on your shades and drapes without using harsh chemicals or excessive labor. These specialists can ensure that all of the fabrics used in your window treatments are properly cleaned and protected, ensuring you get years of use from your drapery window treatments.

If you need your drapery treatments to be cleaned from top to bottom and want to see your home or office looking like new all year long, call a professional dry cleaning company to clean your Window shades and other fabrics. A quality company will use only high quality, durable fabrics to ensure that the treatments you receive are completely clean and will last for years to come. Your treatments will include cloth and vinyl drapery fabrics, as well as valances, ascons and cornices. Many dry cleaning companies also offer window shades, blinds, drapery fabric, blind pads, and other home decorating accessories at an affordable price.

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