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How to make a time-lapse video on Android in 2021

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mobile phone stand for time lapse recording

Time lapse videos have become increasingly popular in recent years. Previously, time lapse videos were only used by filmmakers and storytellers for their content. You may have noticed that more people are interested in learning “how to capture time lapse video on android.”

The explanation for this is that the majority of people want to capture the world around them from a unique viewpoint, which is perfectly acceptable. If time lapse videos on the internet inspire you, you should be aware of time lapse recording tips. Here’s what you need to know about “recording time lapse video on android.” Let’s get started.

What is a time-lapse photograph?

It is essential to understand what a time lapse is before learning time lapse recording tips. It’s a selection of images taken at various intervals. After they’ve been captured, they’re combined to make a short film. A time lapse or time lapse video is the term for this whole photo-taking phenomenon.

To put it another way, a time lapse is taken at a much slower pace than normal images. When these images are merged, the whole video takes on a fresh look.

What is needed to capture a time lapse?

Now for the real question: how do you capture time lapse video on an Android device? We all know there isn’t just one way to do something. As a result, the same condition applies. There are many ways to record a time lapse on Android. Both approaches have been discussed separately for your convenience. Let’s take a look at both of them.

Using the Phone’s built-in Camera App to create a time-lapse video

If you have an Android smartphone from 2020, it will almost certainly have a feature-rich camera app. Surprisingly, you can capture spectacular hyper lapse or time lapse videos with the default programme. Manual controls, such as shutter speed adjustment, are also available. To record time lapse on an Android phone, follow these easy measures.

Make sure your phone is fully charged before you start. A time lapse takes a long time to complete, and your camera application will easily drain your battery. As a consequence, it is recommended that you charge your Android phone prior to the action.

Go to the time lapse mode in the default camera programme.

Click the record button after setting the frame according to the law of thirds. It’s important to keep in mind that any unnecessary shaking must be avoided. To remove excessive shakes, use a mobile phone stand for time lapse recording.

When your desired action or sight has been registered, stop the recording.

Using a Third-Party Android App to Record Time Lapse Video

On the Google Play store, there are a plethora of free and paid third-party applications for capturing time lapse videos. You are free to use all of them. The method, however, may differ. There’s no need to be concerned; here are the steps to take.

Start the time-lapse application you just downloaded. Some apps can require a second sign-up; complete this phase to gain access to all of the app’s features.

A self-explanatory user interface will welcome you. You can adjust the shutter speed and other settings to your choice.

Remember to frame the shot according to the framing guidelines. If you’ve got all set up, click the record button.

Once you’ve recorded functional video, stop recording. The video will be saved to your phone’s gallery. From there, you should get to it.

Make some changes and share it with your friend’s family and on social media.


So now you know how to make a time lapse video on your Android device. It is not a difficult procedure as it might seem. This short how-to guide was created to assist beginners in getting the most out of their first time lapse video. You can get even better results by using a phone holder to monitor the time lapse. The whole procedure is simple and comfortable. So, take out your phone and start taking beautiful time lapse videos to show off your Vlogging skills to the rest of the world.

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