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How to Prevent Falling for Over Priced Airport Parking Services?

It is the sad truth that parking rates at the airport are quite high. Sometimes they are even higher than a lot of travellers can afford to render them helpless or simply choosing to not undertake their journey because they have no alternative for the extortionate parking prices applied by the airports besides for the other entry or exit fees (where applicable). If this was not enough of a problem, parking fares tend to get even higher during the holiday season, leaving people with no choice but to pay heavy parking fees. A huge chunk of their travel expenses are drained in parking arrangements which are not that great. 

Travellers looking for parking are in desperate need of a safe option where their cars are secure and they do not have to fall for overpriced parking services. But travellers do have another choice of off-site car parking facilities that will solve their parking problems and give them a sound alternative to paying huge parking fees. Of course, it is not that simple, you have to book these services in advance and there are certain intricacies to this process if you want to get parking services your way. 

Ideal Airport Parking Benefits

The ideal benefits expected from pre-booked short stay parking Heathrow services include:

  • Easy Booking procedure
  • Guaranteed parking spot
  • Safe parking facilities
  • Cheap and affordable prices
  • Punctual provision of parking

If you want all these benefits in your parking package you will have to take caution while booking because it is the only way to ensure that you get what you are looking for. With a reputable parking provider, you can expect to have a great experience with smooth airport parking. But sometimes that is not the case. 

Problems with Off-Ste Parking

  1. If you go online you can find many incidents where parking providers, despite their claims of perfect security, failed to prevent vehicle damage.
  2. There is often news going around warning people not to use a particular parking company as they are not legitimate services and are running scams on unsuspecting travellers.
  3. Some services have the best optics on their website and the right description of their business which you fall for without realizing you are being conned in to pay higher rates and are being ripped off. 
  4. Then there is the worst kind where you parking operators’ agent does not show up at all to collect your car for parking. No matter how many times you call them you will not get an answer usually because the number is not valid.

Though these problems happen they do not happen too often. But to make sure they do not happen to you, there are very obvious and easy ways to ensure that they don’t play any part in your parking experience and guarantee that the ideal Heathrow parking benefits.

Here is how you can obtain great value for money offsite parking experience:

Advance Booking

Book your car parking deal early on and you can benefit from guaranteed availability of a safe parking spot because the best parking provider gets booked pretty quickly. If you plan early you can also get certain off-season and early booking discounts to bring your parking costs even lower.

Comparing Parking

It is advised that you always compare your parking deals before booking. Comparison is imperative to ensure you get great quality of services at the cheapest possible rates. It also gives you the following advantages too:

  1. Vendor Screening
  2. More Options 
  3. Better Price

Compare screen to all the best vendors for you and only bring to you the ones that have great repute, absolute quality or services and competitively fair rates. It also helps that when you compare for car parking you get multiple options to choose your deal according to your preference. But you need to keep certain points in mind that are listed below.

Safety Checks

Before you select your parking deal among the options displayed to you when you compare airport parking, do perform the following safety checks:

  • Ensure that you choose a reliable comparison site
  • The vendor has a website of its own
  • It should also have a social media presence
  • Read the description of the deal thoroughly
  • Good customer ratings from past users
  • Distance from the compound should be minimal from the airport
  • The compound must have proper fencing, lighting and CCTV monitoring
  • Priorities compounds approved by parking authorities
  • Drivers must be insured for road risk
  • Read the T&C of your parking vendor and comparison provider
  • Parking operations must be explained in clear language
  • They must be a customer support service member to assist you at any time
  • Live chat feature must be preferred in case you need urgent assistance

Whenever you find yourself in need of a safe parking option for your car, make sure to book in advance and compare deals to get the best facilities that off-site parking has to offer you.

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