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Things to Do Before Going to Sleep to Lose Weight

Many people believe that if you are working out hard enough in the gym, you are doing your bit to get a fit body. However, it requires much more than that. You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to get rid of excessive weight. Furthermore, there are certain activities that you can perform at least half an hour before hitting the bed to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. Performing these activities will not only help you to lose weight but promote mental wellbeing as well. Continue reading to know more about what these activities are: 

Have a Cup of Tea

If you want to lose weight, have a cup of tea half an hour before going to bed. Opt for herbal tea instead of regular tea. If offers a lot of benefits apart from helping with your weight loss process. It can also refresh your mind and help you to de-stress. 

Have a Little Portion of Cottage Cheese

Many people make this mistake of a sleeping empty stomach. There are two main disadvantages to following this habit. Firstly, if you are stomach is empty, you will find it hard to sleep. Furthermore, you may not actually be able to sleep peacefully due to hunger. Secondly, you will have the urge to eat more during breakfast. Hence, you will gain more instead of shedding.

This is why I am recommending to eat a small portion of cottage cheese a little while before going to sleep. It contains casein protein in abundance. Moreover, it has amino acid tryptophan as well. 

Avoid Using Mobile

Everyone knows how important a sound sleep pattern is for shedding weight. Yet, not many people do anything for it. Using mobile phones until late night has become a routine for us. If not mobile phones, people have their laptops or tablets with them that they keep using till the wee hours of the night. This habit costs them a good night’s sleep. Hence, they are unable to meet their fitness goals.

If you really, really want to accomplish this goal, avoid using your smartphone or any other gadget before going to sleep. It is important not only for weight loss but mental health as well.

Avoid Taking Stress

Stress is also a big hindrance in the way of living a fit and healthy lifestyle. If you are taking a lot of stress, chances are that you will gain weight as well. So, stop stressing yourself out as it won’t do any good to you. Instead, relax your body before you go to sleep. For this purpose, you can listen to your favorite music or read a book. It will keep toxic and negative thoughts away from your mind and help it to de-stress. 


There are a couple of exercises that you can perform before hitting the gym. You don’t even need to create an in-home gym or buy expensive gym gears for this purpose. For example, you can do crunches, cardio or perform other light body exercises. It will make you tired; thus, you will be able to sleep quickly.  

Take a Shower

Taking a shower before hitting the bed can help a lot in getting a sound and recuperative sleep. It will feel like washing all your tiredness and stress away from your body. Make a point to have a hot shower as it has a better impact. 

Intimacy Can Help

Sharing an intimate moment with your partner can also help in this regard. So, there you go! You have got another reason to get intimate with your partner.

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