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Things you should know before choosing the right orthodontics treatment for teenagers

Modern orthodontic treatments are meant for people of every possible age group but the treatments for teenagers are always considered crucial. The teenage years of any individual are a time of rapid growth and transformation and thus it is an ideal time to have their teeth straightened along with redefining smiles explains a busy orthodontist in London. Whenever a teenager needs braces it is obvious to keep wondering what is the most ideal option. It is relevant to mention in the ongoing context that as far as teenager patients are considered modern orthodontic dentistry has significantly improved a lot in the recent times as compared to that of any time in the past. In the following sections of this post let us explore the different choices and the varying options in braces that a teenager has in the present times. This discussion will prove helpful taking an informed decision at the right time. But first let us see why teens require orthodontic braces.

Why teenagers require orthodontic braces

If we look back to an article published in 2017 in the UK, as far as England and Wales are concerned, 34 out of every 100 people wearing braces are children whereas 65 are teenagers. In other words only 1% of patients on orthodontic braces are adults. You may wonder why there are such a large number of teenage patients on braces. The reason is simple, explains an orthodontist based in London who handles a large number of cases round the year of braces for teens, as braces can correct a range of issues related to their oral health including the following –

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Under bite
  • Cross bite
  • Overbite
  • Gaps between the adjacent teeth

Advantages of using braces when a child is still in his or her teens

Correcting the orthodontics for teens issues mentioned above proves more helpful when one is a teenager. Braces correct orthodontic issues related to the appearance of the teeth and in turn enhance aesthetics of any individual; better aesthetics always fuel higher confidence level and greater self esteem. But teenagers orthodontics braces are not just all about better aesthetics and enhanced appearance and are meant for providing crucial health benefits as well. When your teeth and the jaws are properly aligned and straighter there has to be a drastic improvement not only in your speech, chewing, breathing and sleeping but also your overall health and wellbeing. Straighter teeth are also easier to clean which in other words means you are at lesser risk of developing cavities in the tooth or gum disease.

Teenage years are most ideal to get braces, at this stage of life an individual has all the adult teeth erupted or at least the most of those and yet the jawbone is still growing and taking shape. This overall circumstance makes movement of the teeth easier, explains a dentist who possesses years of experience in handling cases of teeth straightening for teens and thus the teeth can shifted easily. And this is why usually teens complete their orthodontic treatments faster compared to adults.   

At the beginning it is usually for any teenage patient to suffer from anxiety with braces – they wonder whether the appliances would hurt or how will they look like on wearing those appliances on the teeth. But this anxiety automatically goes away in some time. in order to clear away this anxiety from a teenage minds skilled and experienced dentist at the 1A Orthodontics in London never hesitate to walk the extra mile. The dentists will invariably interact with your teenager clearly explaining the appropriate treatment options in one hand, while on the other involuntarily providing support and guidance throughout the process of treatment.

Orthodontic treatment options

These days there are three distinct options to straighten the teeth with, namely conventional metal braces that remain fixed to the teeth, ceramic braces and Invisalign clear align trays.   

  • Conventional metal braces

This range of appliances has existed in the world of orthodontic dentistry over the ages and as a result more or less is familiar with it to some extent or the other. Modern versions of these braces are much lighter compared to the past and more comfortable to wear. Conventional braces are composed of metal brackets which remain attach to each tooth separately explains a dentist who provides orthodontic treatment for teens. The brackets are then connected to a thin wire and this is meant to provide gentle force on the teeth to facilitate their movement into the appropriate positions. An elastic band holds the wire and this is in short the complete mechanism of traditional metal braces. On the positive side these fixed metal braces are more economical but on the flip these are highly prominent and offer no discretion about your ongoing treatment. If you want a discrete treatment option then both Invisalign clear aligner trays and ceramic braces are much better to consider.

  • Ceramic braces

This range of orthodontic appliances is made from a transparent ceramic material although these braces have the same mechanism to straighten the teeth or correcting any orthodontic issue as conventional metal braces. Because of being transparent these braces are much less noticeable and remain virtually hidden on the teeth. As a result you get the chance of correcting your orthodontic issues discreetly. But on the flip side this range of appliances comes at a higher price compared to traditional metal braces. These braces are also more likely to stain if proper care and maintenance are not given. But as for teens who want to avoid those shiny metal braces this is a great choice indeed, explains a dentist who deals with orthodontics for children over the years.

  • Invisalign clear aligner trays

Invisalign aligner trays offer the most discreet form of orthodontic teeth straightening that is available till date. These aligner trays are made from high grade clear transparent thermoplastic material and remain virtually invisible inside the mouth. This range of aligners is removable and thus there is no dietary restriction for these patients. Moreover these braces allow you to brush and floss the teeth normally throughout the course of the treatment. Teens prefer removing their orthodontic appliances for special occasions like taking photos, going for an interview or a special date, and for those who are athletes – taking part in sporting events. With Invisalign clear aligners it is possible to get this benefit. 

A busy Orthodontist for teenagers in London suggests you should better insist your teenager choose his or her orthodontic appliances carefully at 1A Orthodontics in London after thinking over all the pros and cons.