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How to Make 50% Higher Conversion Rate with Video Marketing

You don’t have to be an expert to notice that people are abandoning more time-consuming activities in favor of those less time-consuming and that the change is happening at an exponential rate. Just like younger generations are watching more films, but reading less, the world of marketing is experiencing the very same phenomenon.

All popular social networks now offer videos and the demand for them has been growing ever since they were first introduced. This is true both when it comes to videos created by individual users and those that are placed by marketers.

Naturally, no marketer would ever pursue an option if they weren’t convinced that it might create a satisfying return on investment, which shows that there is a widely popular belief that videos can play a major role in attracting new and retaining old clients.

How does a video help?

Statistics show that videos boost social media posts by almost 50%, while any kind of visual content increases engagement by even more on Facebook and Instagram. User engagement, as we know, is something marketers are extremely interested in, since it follows product (or service) awareness.

What should a video have to be successful?

First of all, it has to provide relevant and attractive content that is likely to engage the viewers. It has to tickle their imagination or inform them about your offer that you strongly believe is the right for them. Next, it has to be done professionally, with picture and sound quality receiving the same amount of necessary attention. Another important feature is including subtitles since people might be in a situation where they can’t listen to the sound, but are intrigued by your clip and want to find out what it’s about immediately.

How do I measure success?

First of all, you need to make sure that you track conversions since you’ll never be able to measure success otherwise. So, begin by establishing your current conversion rate.

If you’re using AdWords, you’ll get a good and realistic picture of the number of clicks on specific campaigns, but you might struggle to get valid information about social media campaigns. Interestingly, almost half of AdWords accounts don’t show any trace of effective conversion tracking.

On the other hand, those that are trying to follow their conversion rate are much more likely to turn a profit. You can say that without tracking there is no way for a campaign to be successful.

What is considered a good conversion rate?

Well, if you have a conversion rate of 2-3%, you can be satisfied since a great majority of accounts boast a conversion rate of 0-5%. Since the number of clicks doesn’t affect the conversion rate, but only the number of potential and returning clients, you should actually focus on increasing the conversion rate by providing a more engaging content, relevant to your target group and presented to them in a way that helps them feel confident and secure to do business with you.

How do you make such a video?

By hiring professionals is the shortest and most accurate answer. There can be no gain unless you invest in an effective video campaign, which means you need to bring in experts in digital marketing and video-making. In case you’re currently strapped for cash, you can turn to On Deck professionals for financial assistance.

You need to talk to the team in charge of creating a video and let them know what kind of message you’d like to convey to the world. They should listen to your ideas and help you shape them in a way that will be most appealing to your target groups.

Also, don’t forget that this is not something that should be left to amateurs just because you’d like to save some money. A poorly executed campaign can be much more detrimental to your company than no campaign at all.


In order to improve your conversion rate and thus your business results, you need to create excellent and relevant content, for which you need professional help. Next, you need to organize your campaign so that you can track and compare the results before and after the campaign. Finally, if you’ve done everything right, you can enjoy your new success.

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