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Top 9 of America’s Best Islands to Visit this Year!

When it comes to touring the United States, island travel isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are scores of America’s best islands you can consider exploring on your vacation this year. The US is blessed with miles and miles of scenic shorelines that will leave you spellbound. There are several island resorts in USA you can consider staying at as well. So make plans to travel to and explore some of America’s best islands this vacation. 

Popular US Islands to Visit:

We’ve put together a list of some of the most amazing American islands you can choose from and visit this vacation. Grab a couple of cheap last minute flights with Indian Eagle in case you don’t have the time to book flights in advance of your trip. Check our list of the best islands to visit in the US and zero in on one that best suits your travel needs.

1. Hawaii

Not just one of America’s best islands but Hawaii also happens to be among the most popular travel destinations in the United States. With a temperate weather for the most part of the year and stunning natural beauty, Hawaii is one of the best spots for a family vacation in the US. Visit and enjoy luxury resorts, plush guest houses, adventurous water sports, and sprawling gardens among other things.

2. Block Island, Rhode Island

One of the best islands off east coast USA, Block Island is an absolutely stunning and enchanting place to vacation at. When it comes to travel and leisure best islands, Block Island is among the topmost offering scores of B&B’s, stylish Inns, art galleries, luxury guest houses, and specialty boutiques. It’s also a great place for seafood lovers to gorge on lip-smacking lobster and other seafood dishes. 

3. US Virgin Islands

A group of the best United States Caribbean Islands, the US Virgin Islands are stunning to explore. There are three best islands for vacationing here – St. John. St. Thomas, and St. Croix. With a unique temperament, each of the islands offers surreal beauty and tranquil ambiance to enjoy. St. John is the most natural of all three and can be accessed via ferry. These are among the most beautiful of America’s best islands you can hope to explore.

4. Florida Keys

Board a couple of economy or business class flights and arrive at the remarkable Florida Keys. A breathtaking archipelago just beyond Miami and off the tip of Florida, this is among the most popular US islands to explore. The subtropical climate, picturesque scenery, and a laidback vibe are among the top factors that draw a vast amount of tourists to the Keys. However, there is a hurricane alert between June and November so it’s best to avoid visiting during this time.

5. Puerto Rico

A portion of the USA since the 1898 Treaty of Paris, Puerto Rico was once a Spanish military outpost. Having imbibed a rich Latin heritage, Puerto Rico’s history is evident in its architecture, cuisine, culture, music, and art. Although Puerto Rico has its own flag, language (Spanish), and an anthem, the flag of the United States still flies over its capital, San Juan. It’s among the most fascinating and best American islands to visit.

6. Long Island

Among America’s best islands, it’s also among the longest and largest islands in the US when it comes to its lower 48 states. Extending for approximately 118 miles from New York City to Montauk, Long Island is home to some of the most popular beaches in the United States. With scenic beauty and a laidback vibe, it’s one of the best islands for vacationing with family and friends.

7. San Juan Islands

Located off the coast of Washington State, San Juan Islands are an incredible archipelago. The three major islands of San Juan Island, Lopez Island, and Orcas Island is where most of the travelers flock to and are easily accessible via ferries from Bellingham and Anacortes. Savvy and eco-conscious residents, stunning natural wonders, and the chance to whale-watch are some of the many things that attract visitors to the San Juan Islands in large numbers.

8. Martha’s Vineyard

In vogue since the memorable days of Kennedy White House, Martha’s Vineyard is among America’s best islands to explore this vacation. In fact, this small but scenic island placed about seven miles from Cape Cod was picked by former US Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton (to name a few) as their summer vacation spot. Visit and enjoy a plethora of beaches, gingerbread cottages, beautiful lighthouses, scores of art galleries, and a distinct New England vibe. 

9. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Among the most stunning of America’s best islands to visit on cheap flights, Nantucket is an exceptionally beautiful island to explore. Placed 30 miles off the Cape Cod coast, it is home to shimmering sand dunes, shingled family homes, cobblestoned streets, and perfect wharves. You can bike around the island, enjoy a surfing adventure, or gorge on delicious local food among other things. The Black Truffle Bucatini and garlic-roasted Pocmo Meadow Oysters served at Oran Mor are a must-try.

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