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How to Spot, Avoid and Report Tech Support Scams

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Tech Support Scams

As an evolvement has been witnessed in technology lately, some of the people out there are not adopting this advancement in the right manner. And the words we use for such types of people are web hackers or scammers. 

If you are one of those people who refers to a wide range of websites often, you may have come across the spammers and cybercriminals on the web. But the list doesn’t stop here, as the amount of hackers has witnessed a raised, tech support scammers have jumped in as well. 

The sole purpose of these tech support scammers is to make their customer believe that something is wrong with their product and ask them to pay a hefty amount in order to get their product either replaced or remove make the product problem-free, despite the fact, that no such problem would be present in your product at that time.  

In addition to this, some of the tech support scammers even ask people to make their payments on the web by using their ATM card or by asking people to use their prepaid card to make payments, as they are well aware of the fact that the payments made from these sources can’t be traced, neither can be reversed! 

Hence in a world full of fraud, you should know how to spot a scam tech support and the ways in which you can avoid it. Some of the useful ways are being mentioned down below, however, if you need some other information, then feel free to visit Support in Townsville

Phone Calls 

Most of the tech support representative deals with their customer over the phone. Hence it has become a common perception of people out there, that is a person from an unknown number contacts them, and calls himself to be calling from tech support of any department, people tend to believe this. 

That’s why the scammers are using phone calls to make users trap in their plan. The only way to witness that whether the person calling is a genuine tech support person, you should ask him for his resignation from the firm, where the office of the company is located, and obviously his name. ‘

Then you should call the respective company and should verify that whether the statements of that guy matches or not. If the information doesn’t get a match, then congratulations, you get yourself saved from a scammer. 

Pop-up Warnings 

One of the common way hackers used to get into the computer of the users is by using a virus. But how does a virus gets into your computer? 

A virus gets inside your computer when you click on abnormal pop-up warnings or pop-up ads while surfing on the internet. 

With that being said, whenever you see a pop-up notification and a pop-up ad while surfing on the web, don’t open that ad or notification at any cost! 

Online Ads and Listings in Search Results Pages 

Some of the tech support scammers online make their webpages included in your search history and provide their numbers there to make it look like that you just visited their website. 

If you witness any such thing, then it’s advised to remove the history of your browser at once and restart your device to avoid any virus getting installed on your computer.  


Most of the people work really hard to earn money and feed their family, however, there are such people present too that look for easy ways to earn money.

This includes the cybercriminal present on the web and this tech support, scammers. Hence it’s your responsibility to refrain from providing your personnel information over the web, or on the phone calls to unknown callers. 

With that being said, some of the essential ways in which you can easily spot and avoid a scammer are mentioned above, try to implement these ways in your life too! 

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