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How to Tip Your Driver After a Bolt Ride

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Can your driver enable you to get to your destination safely and immediately? Can they keep the fantastic mood or allow you to enjoy your centric silence following a very long moment? Anything they did, now you can provide them with an additional courtesy by leaving them a hint after your ride. Here is how it works…

Leave a Tip Through The Bolt App

  • Here Is What You Have to Complete:
  • Give a motorist a 4-5-star score;
  • Leave a comment, if you want;
  • Pick the amount You Would like to deliver as a hint;
  • Harness the button and you are done!

100 per cent of one’s tip is going to be transmitted into the motorist. After all, they got it!

The choice to trick your Bolt motorist to get their excellence will likely probably be available for as many as fifteen minutes after your ride is now stopped.

As a Bonus…

The last couple of weeks are exhausting and uncomfortable for people all. Notably so for each one the Bolt drivers outside on front, ensuring people can manoeuvre their cities as both safe and speedily as you possibly can.

As being a token of appreciation, also in addition to starting the Driver fated attributes, we will coincide with the very first hint of every and every rider (up to #10). This deal begins on 8th June 20 20 and can continue until 21st June 20 20.

Following is a big shoutout to any or every one of the Bolt drivers on the market — many thanks for the attempt, dedication and also for what that you do!

How Much Should You Tip?

Tipping can be just actually a little like cleaning your teeth we all know it is necessary, however, we debate the length of time we’ve to brush. Are two minutes? Is 10 per cent of their entire cost concerning right? Just how much should you tip?

To start with, please understand that leaning is always discretionary. But if you want to say your thanks having a little supplementary, then do not feel bashful and do it!

Just how much you hint can be contingent upon plenty of matters — that the ceremony, your mood or the problem you are in. The guideline is to obey your own heart and trick just as far when you feel confident with it. No matter the quantity, it’ll undoubtedly please the motorist and also let them understand they’re doing an excellent job.

Tip and say thanks!

As well as referring to tipping, we’d love to remind everybody of the significance of saying yes. It can look like the littlest of activities. however, it could have a significant influence. Thus, the next time you measure out of this car following a fantastic Bolt ride, do not neglect to invite the motorist.

When you require a ride, then make sure you bring a Bolt. Down load the program for starting!

We hope you must have understood the know-how of the taxi business. If you want to register yourself as the driver in LynkCity, then download the app for LynkCity Driver and LynkCity Rider, and get yourself registered. We are positive that whether long term drivers or newbies, the tips would be helpful for all.

For iOS users, the LynkCity app is available on the Apple App Store. For android users, it is available in the Google Play Store.

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