7 Tips To Help You Repair Kids Ride-on Car

Seeing kids happily cruise around in their favorite ride-on cars is an enjoyable scene for many parents since kids ride-on car has been a popular choice as toy present to kids. The eye-catching appearance and decent driving experience of kids ride-on cars make it stand out in kids’ hearts, however, it’s also important to buy a great kids ride-on car with good quality. Otherwise, you will have to spend more unnecessary money on fixing it or even buying a new one.

Sometimes it’s inevitable to meet the situation that your kids ride-on car may go wrong due to external effects instead of the ride-on car itself, even it’s a great ride-on car. At this point, it’s helpful for parents to learn the tips below on how to repair the ride-on car for their kids. Don’t worry, it won’t be troublesome as you imagined.

Identify the failure and prepare necessary tools

It’s some common and simple failures that stop your kids ride-on car running sometimes. So it’s essential for you to prepare a volt multi-meter to check the ride-on car and identify the failure, then you may find that it’s just a simple issue that you can solve easily. Sometimes it’s people that magnify some small problems and think repair can only be done by a specialized person. Don’t rush to find a repairman to do these jobs for you once your kids ride-on car goes wrong, and it will cost a lot finally. 

Check the batteries

Maybe it sounds impossible that the ride-on car will go wrong due to batteries, however, some careless mistakes on batteries can bring you trouble. The basic step is to test the battery of the car with your volt multi-meter prepared, then you can make sure that if you use the suitable battery for the corresponding volt. The volt is depending on the size of the ride-on car. Meanwhile, it’s important to check the terminals inside the connector, which may be the place problems occurred. Some kids ride-on car, like Tobbi’s, has a parental remote controller. So the positive and negative places of battery inside shall be noticed, too.

Notice the accelerator and foot pedal

If your kids ride-on car fails to speed up, go forward and reverse, or even can’t run, then the accelerator and foot pedal are probably the issue. To test the foot pedal, you shall disconnect the foot pedal switch first, then you can realize the foot pedal goes wrong if the motor running well. It’s just like an exclusive method once you know which parts you need to consider. Similarly, if your little car can only run slowly or go forward, the issue most likely is the accelerator issue. What you can do is to take the accelerator switch apart and check the connected wires inside. Simply speaking, you will see various wires connecting to each switch like going forward, going reverse, and so on. Next, you shall undo the wires and turn the switch, and re plugin again. If you find that the ride-on car only runs at high speed and you turn the switch then it just runs at low speed, which means the switch is the issue.

Renew the charger

If you have tested your battery and make sure it’s in good condition, then a battery charger can be your next suspicion. Take the charger apart and check the positive and negative cables and wires. Perhaps there are some problems with the cables of your charger, then it’s time to replace it with a new one. When making contact between the connector and metal clips, it must comply with positive to positive and negative to negative. It’s not unusual that some kids or parents will give the wrong voltage to the charger which is harmful to the charger and damage it finally. There is two main voltage for the charger: 12 and 6 volts. So it’s necessary to match the right voltage to your charger, or you can only replace it.


Test ride-on car motor and controller

Sometimes it’s likely your motor or controller may go wrong but it’s hard for you to think about it. But you can simply test your ride-on car’s motor and controller through our tips. When you have verified that batteries and switches are both running well, then pressing the switch of a foot pedal to test the controller. A ride-on car’s motherboard or controller is probably going bad if a click sound coming to your ears. As for the motor, you shall disconnect the controller first, then connect the motor to your good charger. If the motor running well indicates it’s in good condition.

Replacement of vehicle switches and batteries

The connector must be disconnected from the battery and then connected to the vehicle connector. Use the charger that comes with the vehicle or buy a universal charger, then connect it to the connector’s metal clip and make sure it has positive to positive and negative to negative electrodes. Whether you’re using the same battery in your car or prefer a different battery manufacturer, disconnect the manufacturer’s battery charger connector, or re-use the battery connector and replace it with a metal clip to connect to the new battery.

Remember to carefully maintain kids ride-on car 

A great ride-on car means a lot to kids, they can drive their loved vehicle to explore the world and enjoy a happy childhood. However, you can’t promise that your kids ride-on car never goes wrong even it’s of the best quality. There’re many specialized ways of diagnosing, testing and repairing kids’ cars, but it’s not realistic for parents to master them all. Therefore, that’s why kids and parents need to know how to maintain the little car carefully and basically, and kids shall drive their vehicles safely and charge it in right way and voltage. Parents can also protect kids’ ride-on cars from some easy aspects, like checking tires, battery, and so on from time to time. Choose a suitable place to store the car can also help a lot.

Sent your kids ride-on car to the garage for repair will cost you a lot though it’s only a little issue. But you can learn these tips above and try to repair them by yourself first. Anyway, a great ride-on car in good condition and safety shall be the priority. 

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