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dual intel xeon z800

How use dual Intel Xeon Z800?

This a dual Xeon 48 gig  beast for under $700 buckle up because  it wasn’t easy hint because of these two  guys now I think the best place to start  this story is with the purchase of my  first HP z 800 server look at me here  talking all proudly about my new  purchase now the refurbished processor india did tell me that  it wasn’t working and he cited power  supply issues as the problem and then  with a quick google of HP’s at 800 power  supply issues there seems to be a very  common issue with capacitors going bad  in these power supplies.

it seems to  be fairly user serviceable so I bought  the PC and what I actually got it I  opened up the power supply and obviously  I had no idea what was going on inside  there wasn’t like an obviously burst  capacitor or anything like that so I  decided I and I’m quite embarrassed to  admit this but I actually called HP’s  customer service hotline and started  asking the lady about how to actually  diagnose a broken capacitor in one of  these power supplies quite  understandably the lady was really  confused as to why I was digging around  the insides of one of their power  supplies and then she in a very  matter-of-fact tone of voice said well.

how do you know the power supply is  broken and she was right obviously how  did I know the power supply was broken  so I went through all of the steps of  diagnosing what was wrong with the  Machine and then I ended up realizing  that the motherboard power supply cable  wasn’t making proper contact and when I  pulled it out a little bit the PC action  he switched on so then I pushed it back  in hoping that it would continue to work  because you know it would have proper  contact now or whatever and well it  didn’t so when I started fishing around  for that point where it switched on  again I accidentally set fire to a  graphics card  rest in peace my good.

Destroying you in your prime really  catching on fire isn’t the most ideal  way to die  and at this point I was actually worried  that I had destroyed both of the Zeon X  56 75 CPUs as well and all 48 gigs of  RAM  but I decided to power ahead with my endeavour anyway so then I started to  look for a different solution and  weirdly enough the easiest one was also  the cheapest one I found a website that  sells refurbished old HP servers and  they per grudgingly sold me an HP z800  server with no CPUs and no Ram unit  which is like the only components I  really cared about the first PC and they  actually sold it to me for less money  than just buying a Hz 800 power supply  off of xfurbish and this actually brings me  to the build portion and with that it’s time to actually see  whether the conglomeration of the  components between the two machines  actually works and our first things  first we have to actually set the CPUs  in the correct position I love the fact  that I have to say CPUs multiple and not  just one very excited to see how this PC  performs the big issue with this  motherboard is that it doesn’t have the  triangle in the corner of the socket  to kind of help you determine which way  around you need to put the CPU in so you  have to kind of match the pin array.

the actual socket which is obviously not  ideal sorry I looked like there was some  bent pins in that no I think no worry  I’m going to clean them a bit better before  I put a new thermal paste on and there’s  no crunching sound when I close the  actual CPU socket so that’s good all the  pins on being destroyed so let me give  them a good wife town it’s the final  wipe down and then I’m going to mount the  actual coolers now as far as CPU coolers  go I’m not going to use the little  dainty loser CPU coolers I’m actually  gonna replace them with these two of  them this is the black edition of the  hyper 212 I’ve seen of someone mounting them in this case so  that’s why I actually chose them because  there’s not much clearance and according  to you can just screw the  standoffs that comes with the cooler  straight into the motherboard backplate.

So that you don’t have to remove the motherboard from the case  now unfortunately I’ve run into a little  bit of a snag so over here is the actual  kind of standoff that you have to screw  into the motherboard to be able to mount  that cooler master cooler and the actual  hole for a standoff screwing in the  back plate is a tiny bit too small I took  the motherboard out because I thought  that I could just remove the backplate  and use my own back plate but the backplate is actually a part of this  socket so there’s no way to remove it so  I think I have two options at this point  one of them is I could just use the  stock coolers on this and then be done  with it but that’s really lame so then I  have a second option which is to drill  out the actual screw holes there but  that’s terrifying  taking a drill to a mounting or two  mounting hardware that’s actually  attached to a motherboard.

how that pans out I’m gonna  get a drill and I’m gonna kind of see  how terrifying that’s gonna be okay so  we’re just gonna have to take a quick  moment to appreciate the fact that I am  a genius because I figured out a way to  mount it now as you can see here with  the actual AMD mounting hardware it uses  these screws through the back of the  actual backplate which I’ll illustrate  with some b-roll so then the screw comes  up through the base so that you can  attach these standoffs and then actually  mount the cooler now that I’ve macgyvered the CPU coolers.

 on to the CPUs it’s time to actually see whether or not this PC works now the  last try that I had in the first  configuration of the PC the graphics  card actually caught on fire like I  mentioned earlier so I’m quite scared  I’m not going to put like a 1060 which  I’m going to use eventually into the PC  on the first try because I don’t want to  destroy it so over here we have a  sacrificial GPU it’s a GTX 285 and it’s  not worth much so that’s kind of why we’re gonna use that in the PC if it  catches on fire it’s not going to be a  disaster so let’s put it in there and  see how it goes so now that I’ve  effectively infuriated an ax plugged  everything in including the sacrificial  GPU hopefully it works I’m really hoping  that everything doesn’t catch on fire  because I spent so much time on this  already and I’m not even done with it  yet okay so I know you can kind of point  at the PC there’s some cables in the  fans that’s already a bad sign  I think it lives well we’ve got that  going got this going so the peripherals  are lighting up  it hasn’t beeped yet  oh the monitor might be off actually oh  and it’s on the huh it’s on the wrong  source as well I’m just building tension  here guys it’s all I’m doing and now  there’s no oh it lives okay so now what  we’re gonna do is we’re gonna install  Windows on it.

how it works so we know that it’s not  destroying graphics cards so I’m gonna  plug the 1060 into it and we’re also  gonna paint the actual side panels  because they’re a bit scratched up so  we’re gonna sand it down and gonna make  sure that that looks all sexy like you  saw in the intro  we have the two panels over there I’m  actually going to sand them first  because they’ve got a bunch of scratches  and stuff in them which I want to sand  out and then I’m gonna paint it now the  reason that I’m not gonna just sand them  down and use the kind of like a brushed  aluminium finish is because I’ve tried  to hand sand a brushed aluminium finish  in two aluminium before and it wasted  hours of my life and it still didn’t  work so I’m not going to do that to  myself I’m just gonna sand it and paint  it I’m actually gonna film it through  the window so it’s gonna be pretty  ghetto but it’s just gonna be a quick  time-lapse anyway now before we get any further into I think it’s an actual good time  to mention the specs of this pc behind  me here now the cups are two intel Xeon  x 56 75 six core cups with a base clock  of 3.0 five gigahertz there’s 48 gigs of  ram which I don’t think is ECC Ram I’ve  then got a GTX 1060 palette super  Jetstream as a GPU and that and for  storage I’ve got a 250 gig samsung 860  Evo the actual coolers that I’m using  like I mentioned at various points in  this are cooler master hyper 212  Black Edition Eves which ended up not attaching nearly  as easily as I thought they would now  when I actually finished mounting the  coolers to the motherboard I was really  excited to put the motherboard back in  the case but unfortunately because of  the grooves in the backplate of the case  it actually wouldn’t fit so I had to cut  the backs of two of those square pins  off to have it actually slide in and it  is arguable whether or not it was worth  it because this PC can’t actually  overclock but they do run really hot  with those stock loser coolers on so  it’s still gonna make a difference now  first things first the most exciting  part how does it do at Cinebench  and now with the Cinebench score out of  the way let’s look at some gaming  benchmarks.

How before I get into the final  productivity test that I did let’s just  do a quick rundown of the benchmarks and  honestly at 1080p this PC performs  really well but a lot of that is down to  the GTX 1060 and it doesn’t seem like  the CPUs bottleneck it too much but one  of the biggest issues with this system  is the fact that it can’t overclock and  that’s what hurts  it’s a Cinebench performance I think  because at 3 gigahertz each individual  core just isn’t fast enough and if you  take into consideration the fact that my  AMD dries in 1700 xcp you when  overclocked can get a thousand nine  hundred points in Cinebench this PC just  doesn’t keep up and honestly you can buy  a 1700 x4 not very much money and it  would also perform a bit better in gaming honestly for 1080p 60 frames per  second gaming available xfurbish.

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