IELTS Grammar Tips and Common Mistakes

Hello Student! Are you well aware of the fact that grammatical range and precision forms up 25% of your entire IELTS speaking and writing scores? Keeping the above point in mind, it would be a crucial point of your preparation. If you aspire to score 8+ bands in IELTS then don’t let grammatical errors get the better of you.

It is quite conspicuous that when an individual learns an incipient language he/she often makes frequent and silly mistakes. However, if more than 50% of your sentences have rudimentary grammatical errors, you will not achieve more than 6 bands in your IELTS for the grammatical section. If you aim to achieve 7+ bands in your upcoming IELTS test, then you need to perform error-free sentence formation. After encountering so many silly mistakes of the students we have compiled up a few tips that can help you evade grammatical errors. Moreover, it will offer you the confidence to write English without any error. For getting deep guidance for adept professionals, connect with the best platform that can offer you nest IELTS Coaching classes in Jalandhar.

Below listed are some basic grammatical mistakes people do while writing:

  • Sentence formation
  • Subject-verb agreements
  • Punctuation errors- candidates usually miss adding punctuation marks such as comma, apostrophe, colon and sometimes excessive use of superfluous commas.
  • Often frame complex sentences which are long and confuse the invigilator
  • Fitting wrong word in the right sentence
  • Misuse of the dangling modifiers
  • Less consistency in parallel structure
  • Incorrect usage of pronouns.
  • No comparative discussion

Let’s check out Few tips to avoid grammatical errors:

  •  Always try to understand the question: It is noticed that a lot of students rush to attempt a question before understanding the exact meaning that the question conveys. It’s strange but true, somehow this point becomes the main reason behind your grammatical errors. Students should identify the main keywords and try to stick to the topic so that their answers will be error-free and productive. If you are a settler of Ludhiana and want assistance from professional IELTS teaching faculty for correcting your grammatical errors then search for the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana today.
  • Always outline points before writing an essay: For error-free writing, it’s always vital to plan and make a layout before penned down your thoughts. It will not only save your time but also spare some time to read the essay and correct the errors you have made. If you think you can not clear the huddle of grammatical errors by yourself then connect with a remarkable institute offering the best IELTS Coaching classes in Jalandhar.
  • Manage your time: It is always noticed that when students are running out of time in exams they usually start panicking which somehow makes them do grammatical errors. So, to avoid such things always prepare yourself to complete every answer within the given time limit. It sounds easy but when students start writing they usually extend work limits and waste their time on unnecessary points. Wear a watch at the time of the exam so that you can keep track of the time. This will not only help you in time management but also enhance your speed to a great level.
  • Practice a lot: For avoiding grammatical errors the student should do proper writing practice. If you learn common subjects of IELTS with relevant arguments on each topic then it will surely save your time during the exam and further help you to produce arguments more transparently. You can become perfect in English when you read it or practice it more often. So, just follow the above-mentioned tips more carefully to grab the command over the English language.
  • Enhance your vocabulary: After checking a paper teacher always found out which student is proficient in English and which is a beginner. So, to enhance the credibility of the answer, kindly use tough vocabulary. As vocab is the prime part of the English language, it further decides the overall performance of the student. Vocabulary is given specific importance because it marks the overall thinking of the student. Reading comprehensions, antonyms, Cloze tests, and synonyms are some of the question formats where the exam conducting body rates the overall knowledge of the vocabulary of the candidate. So, work on the vocabulary to make yourself achieve 8+ bands in IELTS.

Wrapping up

Invigorate your overall performance in IELTS by utilizing the above-mentioned tips. Always fixate on learning and ameliorating English so that you can engender error-free answers in the IELTS examination. Keep in mind that only well-crafted answers with no grammatical errors can bring 8+ bands for you. Give your exam with utmost confidence and convert your dream of studying abroad into a reality.