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Most Common Causes of Hard Drive Failures

Whether your hard drive crashed suddenly or you are already suspecting a failure, we know it is one of the most annoying situations. Well, most of the time a hard drive never crashes without early signs or other indications until it is an accident. 

You might come to this write-up while looking for hard drive failure fixing solutions. So are you seeking the common hard drive failure causes or data recovery services or solutions? If so, you have landed at the right place.

Right away, we have mentioned some most common hard disk failure causes, the indications, and methods to fix them. Read on!

Reasons Of Hard Drive Failure

1. Human errors

You know well about human nature; we are born to make mistakes. However, it becomes a problem when your hard disk corrupts or fails due to common human mistakes.

There are some common human errors:  

  • Inappropriate handling of a hard drive
  • Dropping it on the floor or other hard surface
  • Deleting files by mistake

Human error is the most common disk drive failure cause.

2. Water damage

Water damage is one of the most common causes of hard drive failure. Often people accidentally spill water, cold drink, juice, or other liquid on the hard disk. And 90% of hard drives can’t resist liquid on their surface. Only a few specially designed disks can handle water damage. Otherwise, the data recovery service is the only choice left for users. Furthermore, the liquid can cause surges in the electrical current, which can damage your device.

3. Heat damage

An excessive amount of heat causes major hardware damage in components of the drive. Disk platters extend once the temperature increases, then contract with a temperature reduction. Moreover, it might result in a distorted magnetic surface, which develops server defects in data and micro cracks on the hard drive.

4. Manufacturing and firmware fault

Sometimes firmware corruption is the cause of a corrupted disk. Due to this reason, your hard drive loses data and becomes unreadable.

Now coming to the manufacturing faults, these are done by the manufacturing company. Your computer or laptop won’t recognize a hard drive most of the time. Also, the system hangs after inserting the hard drive. If your hard drive has manufacturing defects, you can visit or connect to its manufacturers. They will fix the issues or will replace your drive.

5. Power issues

Generally, UPS doesn’t provide the required power supply. Many times it delivers high power but sometimes very low power. This indicates an interruption in the flow of current. And one more reason could be using an inauthentic power source.

6. Hardware failures

If there is a problem with the hardware component, it will be a reason for your hard drive failure. After years of manufacturing research, no hard drive is perfect. So, here hardware failure goes towards physical damage. Also, it is called a head crash which means a permanent loss of data from the drive.

Moreover, you can’t fix this problem by yourself. In that situation, a data recovery center could be helpful for you. They will recover the data or other important documents. 

7. Mishaps

A most common but unfortunate reason for drive failure is an accident. It occurs regularly, and mishaps can happen anytime. Well, a mishap is an unplanned accident that happens unluckily.

So, to avoid data loss by mishap, you have to opt for regular data backup. It will save your data and prevent hard drive failure.

8. Logical errors

Logical fault means some of the non-physical problems. It includes; unintentional formatting, accidental deletion, file corruption, fixing software bugs, malware, system corruption, and so on. You need a professional to fix a hard drive from a logical failure.

9. Mechanical failure

Mechanical failure issues occur because of virus or malware attacks. Other reasons are; bad sectors, moving parts, inappropriate power supply level, and much more. These causes are capable of failing a hard drive or corrupting data.

If you find any problem in your laptop or PC due to a hard drive, connect with the data recovery center or specialist to save it. Furthermore, they will help you to prevent damage and data loss.

Early Signs Of Hard Drive Failure

There are some indications that a hard drive shows before failure. Have a look over them:

  • Hard drive freeze while starting
  • The hard disk not detected by system BIOS
  • Folders and files become corrupt or invisible.
  • Black screen appears when booting
  • Click or grinding noise from the drive
  • Inaccessible hard drive
  • PC freezes after inserting the hard drive

If you have seen any of these signs, then it’s high time to backup your data. Not today but maybe later your hard drive will fail or corrupt.

Wrap Up

So you might have comprehended the causes of hard drive failure. Hopefully, this write-up has given you enough knowledge of the damaged hard disk.

If your hard drive is already corrupted, then you need to visit data recovery services Singapore or in your locality. A major file loss can be fixed by a data recovery center only. Moreover, they can help you in preventing data loss by recovering all the files.

Thank you for reading!