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Uncomplicated Methods For Importing Excel Data to Android Phones

Overview: Let’s be clear before discussing a workable solution for the same issue: there isn’t one that can be found right now. It is not possible to import contacts from Excel to an iPhone directly; thus, users will need to utilize the procedures listed below.

Method 1: Use iCloud to import Excel contacts into an iPhone.

However, importing Excel contacts to an iPhone is not a simple process. Consequently, you need to convert the Excel file to the VCF format. To finish the task at hand, take the following actions:.

Since the iCloud program can only import VCF files, first convert the contacts in the Excel spreadsheets to the VCF format.

Proceed cautiously and take your time while following the steps listed below. To make things easier to understand, whole steps are divided into two portions.

Initial Steps

  • Transform your XLSX file into a VCF file.
  • Next, save your workbook in Excel format (CSV).
  • Hit the Win+R keyboard shortcut. In the Run box that appears, type “Run” and press Enter.
  • From the menu bar of the Contacts window, choose “Import.”
  • Choose the CSV (Comma-Separated Value) field.
  • Go to the folder containing the CSV file.
  • Click the “Next” button on the CSV Import screen after selecting the pertinent CSV file.
  • Click ‘Finish’ once you have mapped all the required fields.
  • Lastly, select Export as vCard and click Export.

Second Method

  • Utilizing your Apple ID and password, log into
  • Tap the Contacts icon on the iPhone to import contacts from the Excel file.
  • In the lower right corner, tap the Gear symbol, then choose Import vCard.
  • All you have to do is click the Open button in the folder directory containing the VCF file.
  • You will soon have access to all of your updated contacts.
  • On your iPhone, navigate to the Contacts area. You can easily explore the converted contacts from the Excel spreadsheet on your iPhone after connecting your iCloud accounts with it.

Method: 2 WholeClear Excel to VCF Converter: Export Excel to VCF

Many people currently need to convert Excel contacts to VCF file format, but they haven’t found the best way to do it yet. The best way to Importing Excel Data to Android Phones is what I want to provide. If you want to convert many Excel contacts to a VCF file format, use the WholeClear Excel to VCF Converter Tool.

Any version of Windows OS can download this program without any issues for users. There are no data size restrictions, so users can choose many Excel files at once. Before converting them into VCF, users can examine the Excel files they have chosen. Download the free demo version of this program to view its further features and capabilities.

Procedure for Excel File Export to VCF

  • Download the Excel to VCF Conversion Tool first.
  • Launch the program and look over the Excel file that has to be converted to a VCF format.
  • Before exporting all of the Excel files to the VCF file type, preview each one.
  • Select the destination to save the Excel file after it has been transformed.
  • Choose the VCF file format now.
  • Once you have completed all the steps, click the “Convert” icon to begin exporting contacts from Excel to VCF.
  • Navigate to the location where the Excel file was stored and review the converted version.

Amid the final thought, The blog discusses two easy methods for converting Excel contacts into VCF files. The use of manual procedures is completely free. One by one, users can convert the contacts in Excel. The process of converting Excel contacts to VCF is laborious. Bulk Excel contacts can be easily exported to VCF using the expert approach. To view ad