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10 Ways To Track Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer Marketing has flourished in recent times. All thanks to the limitlessness of the Internet! You can have as many influencers as required. 

This word-to-mouth kind of marketing propaganda takes assistance from key leaders to endorse a brand or product. It brings about eleven times the ROI when compared to other forms of marketing. About 50% of people have agreed that they believe in recommendations from influencers they follow. Around 40% of the consumers are seen purchasing something they came across as an influencer marketing agenda. Even the influencers feel that it is the most effective way to reach the masses at present. If you go about reading the statistics of this form of marketing, you will be convinced that this industry has vast potential. 

But how would you manage the same level if you ever get into the world of influencer marketing? This may seem like a big issue, however, Confluencr- An Influencer Marketing Agency, is here to tackle it on your behalf. After assisting a number of people, we have shortlisted a few authentic ways of tracking an influencer marketing campaign. We guarantee you that they will work for you too. Have a look at some.

1.Using Dealspotr Marketplace. 

It is a marketing platform that incorporates promo codes and CRM type management system. You can browse a number of micro-influencers using its database.


After selecting influencers, you can put in your own codes and get the influencers to promote those. In this way, you get a comprehensive place where you can find the influencers as well as put in your codes and start promotion. It makes tracking a lot easier since everything is done in a single place. It also provides pre-calculated influencer ratings. 

2. Using Klear. 

Primarily, Klear is a platform to look for and connect with influencers. But with recent developments, it has become a game-changer in tracking campaigns as well.

a. Working: 

Once you find and decide upon working with suitable influencers, Klear provides you with an in-built CRM to help you manage. It focuses on key insights like hashtags, reach, total fan following, etc. It provides easy-to-use activation tracking tools. It also gives you a clear cut performance report.

3. GroupHigh. 

An all-in-one instrument that helps you to find and build your relationships with influencers as well as to measure the consequence of their content sharing.


It has a “blog search engine” with a database of approximately 15 million blogs. Furthermore, it provides a website research option that allows you to search for bloggers using URLs.  It provides content and engagement reports periodically. You can then see the number of impressions, conversions, etc.

4. Isolation. 

It may sound absurd but isolated marketing is a way to track an influencer’s impact on the sales, regardless of the time and place of purchase. While doing so, you segment a portion of your business wherein you are ready to experiment using social media, without too many variables. It also enables you to calculate your in-store purchases.

5. Using Tracking Links. 

The most basic use of these links is that they track direct traffic flow. This can be done using two routes namely: Redirects and URL parameters. 

a. Redirects 

Provide a shorter link to the main website while tracking the user data simultaneously. It is similar to a stop before reaching the final destination, where you can derive information before sending the person ahead.

b. URLs 

 Used to initiate redirects using single liner codes. You just need to provide the information as to what you wish to track when the page opens. 

6. Using Social Data. 

Getting to the influencer’s social effect is very crucial for your success. Particularly, if you wish to draw brand awareness and engagement. If you are not into coding, then this can be a tough task. If you do write codes, all you need to do is to leverage APIs to collect user data. Focus on the comments, shares and traffic flow.

7. Share Of Voice. 

It refers to the measure of the market proportion your brand/product owns as compared to your competitors. It reflects your brand visibility and tells how dominating your brand is in terms of conversion rates. Any increase in the share of voice can be translated into increased market share. Whenever you launch any influencer marketing campaign, channel the share of voice to see where you stand along with your competitors.

8. Credit And Loyalty Cards. 

In order to get a hold of offline purchases, you can get assistance from any third party analytics to cookie the visitors in order to know offline purchases. Having this data can open floodgates of information which will be very helpful to see where your influencer marketing campaign is headed. 

9. Maintain Page Surveys. 

A very simple method to track your campaign is to have a checkout survey. Once a consumer has made some purchase, have them fill a short review form asking them how they got to know about you. This gives you a direct clue about where their interest has originated from. Remember to be very specific about the question, name the platforms precisely, i.e Instagram, Facebook or any other platform.

10. Influencer Marketing Is Done Organically. 

Such marketing campaigns are mutually beneficial for you as well as the influencer. In this social media arrangement, press tactics are included wherever they are possible to uplift the influencer’s editorial. Long story short, you must consider the overall earned media value and not the raw profits.
Confluencr believes that influencer marketing campaigns have a longer life than you think. If driven correctly, they can bring in a lot of returns in just one venture. You need to keep a constant assessment of where it is steering. Aforementioned platforms and methods can be seen as a stepping stone for doing the same.

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