Instacart Clone – Build A Successful Grocery Delivery Business Integrating New Features

If you want to start an online grocery store, you might want to start with Instacart. It enables you to start an online grocery delivery service without any effort.

Is that it?

No, this is only the start of how an optimised Instacart app clone may help your online grocery business thrive.

Of course, whether you have a large setup or are just getting start in the online grocery delivery industry, size doesn’t matter.

You can use Instacart Clone App for your single grocery store, a food marketplace, or even a chain of stores. What’s important is the On-Demand Grocery Delivery Feature that sets you apart from the rest.

Profitable New Version Features Of Instacart Clone App

Restricted driver’s fraud

The feature stops the driver from updating the status “Arrived” unless they have actually arrived at the place. As a result, the entire delivery process is transparent, and rates are Decent.

Re-assign delivery driver

Under the following circumstances, the Admin might reassign the delivery driver to complete the pending orders that were not fulfilled:

  • When there are no drivers available to take up the delivery
  • Despite the fact that delivery drivers were available, the delivery request was turn down.
  • The delivery drivers rejected after confirming the order request.

Location-wise banners

This feature allows the Admin to construct the Home Page Banner “based on location,” so the targeted users can access it easily.

Free delivery promo code

Customers can use the Promo Code for “Free Delivery” from the list provided by the App owner for specific stores/all stores. It can be turn Off/On accordingly.

Location-wise push-notifications

This feature allows the administrator to send notifications and alerts to only selected locations. Thus making it easy to reach the desired audience.

Location-wise promo-codes

Admins can design various Promo-Codes that can be target to any place.

Store wise commission

For each store, the administrator can set different commission rates.

Day wise separate time slots

Weekends and public holidays are not the same in every country. The tool allows you to select weekends, and weekdays to avoid disrupting your business.

Item name searching

This makes it easier to find store names and groceries to add to the cart.

Order cancellation option for store delivery

If the delivery driver is unable to make deliveries due to unforeseen circumstances, they will have the choice to cancel the order.

Graphical status of the order

The feature shows the status of the grocery orders on a real-time basis using a graphical icon via in-app notifications.

Integrate COVID19 Advanced Safety Measures Features

  • COVID-19 advanced features

The new reality may not appear to be normal, but it is benefiting entrepreneurs in running and maintaining their businesses. Many on-demand delivery businesses have come up with innovative features to supply grocery and other deliveries at the doorstep, using COVID19 safety procedures to assist consumers with this new trend of precaution and safety first. Here are some features to consider include in your Instacart Clone App.

  • Contactless Delivery

This is a delivery preference that the consumer can select from the app while checking out. The shopping packages will be left at the doorstep by the delivery driver, avoiding any human touch.

  • Priority Based Delivery

The delivery request is automatically prioritized base on the age group. The disable and senior folks will be given priority, and groceries will be delivered to them accordingly.

  • Safety Badge

A safety badge depicting the supermarket retailers’ safety procedures. The label certifies that hygienic measures are follow on a regular basis. This method aids in the development of client trust.

Purchase Customized White-Label Grocery Delivery App

Every grocery store should, in fact, have a ready-to-use online grocery delivery app. The causes, on the other hand, are self-evident. There’s a lot to learn about the grocery business and how to give customers a better shopping experience with the app.

As a result, consider a ready-made online grocery delivery app as the core of your grocery store, allowing you to scale up your grocery delivery business.