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Managed Switches

Introduction to Managed Switches

We are going to learn the managed switch, what it means, is it works like a power strip so you plug in data in one port and you will have data in the in the other port and that’s it going to do is very simple you cannot do almost anything else so I mean if you have maybe a sports net or something like that you can use it but if you’re going to use it in a real enterprise for commercial use and you have a lot of people that would be good if that you up for the other ones so I’m going to tell you the other one. The other is the managed.

Types of Sizes and Ports-

So we have different sizes, I’m going to tell you that it is the little one so here what’s up desktop or there is the little ones a very tiny switches and usually they come on five ports, eight port, 16, 24 that’s it and you have the right array couple a switch usually those are the one that we put in a cabinet and the racket coming it the network environment and usually they come on 16, 24 and 48. So the big one this moment is I’m going to show you a few later here we are going to talk about the image so they manage you have to do kind of ports you have the serial port and you have also the IP port so you can manage them through any of those a waste that is one thing and here we have another thing that is called port mirroring.

Sniff in Managed Switches-

So, if you want to sniff someone if you want to see the traffic and everything it would be good. It means if you can’t have this feature, most of the real switches think they have this kind of features and that is great so you are going to learn case let’s say then you have one user and then you have your main switch that is connecting the whole name or their whole computers or all the computers of your neighbor and everything and if you want to sniff there I mean there this is traffic if you want to sneak is traffic what you have to do is okay you connect it two ways I have so because I have one everything is connected to everything so once you connect the one port and you connect it you have another computer to another port or maybe more than one or three or four. As many computers I see one every time data you send data you will go out you know the port when you receive data it will do the same thing so it’s not smart. So in the switch basically was using a data you will go to all the reports but once It finds the MAC address or worries have to go so it will enable just to those two ports and that’s it so basically that is how in words so you cannot just need anybody else so except if you have port mirroring.

So in this case if you will do something simple maybe you want to play with Wireshark or something like that you’re going to get one of the main ports do they have the other port to it would be your computer with workshop so you can sniff they attract with Md, maybe the customer, or whatever or maybe some employee that you want to attract on the traffic that this one way. But let’s say that you have the blowing here and you are here and then you say okay I’m going to give if you enable this port mirroring. What you’re going to do is mirror this port and this one in Europe. The employee is here. You’re here and then you can just listen all the traffic. It is very simple very good another important thing is you OS quality of service.

Priority to be given for ports in Managed Switches-

So, if you want to give priority to any of those ports you can say port-1 and port-3 have more priority than the rest. So, imagine we have villain. Villain is a bear tall man so let’s say that maybe you have here a switch with 48 ports or something like that and you’re thinking well maybe management which is just one sector and sells is another sector and you don’t want people from cells to see the computers from I mean of management so what you can do is create different villains and the way you separate the network or otherwise you have to buy a different switch and make a different network so that is one way here you have another protocol that is called S and M is called simple network management protocol. So this protocol is very good it will allow you to monitor anything so if the switch has something like that you will get a report usually you can use the issues there is a software for that or if you have an ups and it said back electric backup so if you are thinking all that there is an outage or something like that you’re going to get a lot of a with that so that is very good everything is in your neighbor I have this SNMP I will be awesome this part III sweat spanning tree is something very good because sometimes I’ve seen in the real world that you go to the company is my phone network is it’s not working suddenly and nobody can browse.

I mean nothing works and then you have starts in day the switch like here for instance and is bling gaming in beginning all the lights like crazy and your finger all but there is a loop on the network that’s why is no it’s not working and I see these kind of cases like maybe you go to a box you know up to a department like maybe marketing or something like that and they don’t have more ports to connect more computers and then they buy it’s those small switches then they connect all those computers and then suddenly someone let the company and they see just one cable that is laying around or they say all this one port that is available. Let’s connect it and then it does away and everything is stopped working because it makes a loop on the network and everything trash or if you go maybe to the data center of the small data department and you will see that there are cables tiny nail everywhere and all the things and you see that there is a loop and a lot of this so that is why a spanning tree works and it’s very good so if you have it some issue like that and you connect, go to porch and in the same switch you will see that this protocol or feature will block or will disable those ports.

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