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Why You Should Never Give Yourself a Lash Lift at Home

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You might be wondering why you should never and ever give yourself a lash lift at home, here you can check out that! Out penned-down discussion is based on the viewpoints and feedback collected from the top-notch experts.

In addition, if you plan to perform this lash lifting procedure at home, then there are serious dangers and risks that you may come across with. Procedures like that of lash lifting should be left and carried out by professionals.

Furthermore, you should consult and visit a certified lash technician in this regard. Below you can check out further reasons that tell you why this job should not be performed at home:

Why should you avoid doing lash lift at home?

Most importantly, this is a tough and technical job to do. You may have seen that while doing a lash lift, a curling rod is usually and generally affixed right to your upper eyelid and this affixation is done with the help of a gentle adhesive.

Furthermore, the whole set up process of lash lifting is tough and difficult to do. This entire process and job seems and sounds complicated enough as well.

This is the kind of cosmetic procedure that should always avoid performing at home. Even if you use these lash lift kits, then make sure that you use them correctly, properly and wisely.

It is according to a large number of cosmetic chemists out there that there are certain eyelash lifting kits that are composed and injected with ingredients like that of propylene glycol and also methylyparaben.

These ingredients are officially used in other kinds of cosmetic products. But they should never be used and applied to the eye. If you have got a lash lifting kit that contains and consists of these ingredients, then stop using it right now.

Moreover, the use of these ingredients on your eye may cause a lot of irritation. They can accidently and instantly damage your eyes.

There is a chance that you may bring your eyes into serious and heavy trouble if you use these cheap and low-quality lash lifting kits.

Risks of doing a lash lift at home

Most noteworthy, our eyelids are so much and extremely sensitive. The skin present on them is immensely thin.

Our eyes, eyelids and the skin surrounding them is extremely vulnerable to infection and also irritation. For the reason that it is not advised to carry out a lash lifting process at home!

By doing so and talking about the worst-case scenario, there is a chance that you may damage and hurt your eyesight on the drastic notes.

So, if you are using lash lifting kits or wish to carry out a similar kind of procedure, then make sure that you precede this cosmetic task right under the strict supervision of a cosmetic professional.

If you experience any kind of misstep in this procedure, then you may severely damage your lashes and your eyesight may get weaker as well. It is highly recommended regarding not to try this procedure at your home.

You can only embrace this lash lifting procedure if you are a skilled technician and professional in this regard. If you have acquired certification in this category, then you can do lash lifting at home.

All in all, this job can only be performed by professional cosmetic technicians. As they have access to the best and high-end products, that is why they can safely and securely carry this cosmetic job at their homes.

In other words, if you possess the needed expertise and you believe that you can offer this lash lifting service properly, then you are officially allowed and granted to carry this cosmetic job.

Lastly, whatever kits you are using for this lash lifting process, make sure that it should not contain any harsh chemicals in it and that kit has to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


We hope that now you have understood concerning why should never and avoid giving yourself a lash lift at home.

Serious dangers are inculcated in this cosmetic job if you lack technical expertise.

You can keep tuned with us as more guides and pieces of advice on lash lifting job are coming sooner on this platform.

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