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The Difference Between Lip Implants, Topical Lip Plumpers, And Injections

If you are looking to enhance the look and definition of your lips, there are a few options you can pursue. The most common options include lip implants, topical lip plumpers, and lip injections. Each option has its pros and cons, so it’s important to know exactly what each option delivers before you choose the one you think is best for your needs. In this article, we hope to shed more light on the benefits and disadvantages of lip implants, topical lip plumpers, and lip injections so you have a better understanding before going to your first appointment.

What is a Lip Augmentation?

To start, let’s define what a lip augmentation means. When you get a lip augmentation, you are increasing the size of your lips, typically through cosmetic surgery such as injected lip fillers or lip implants. The first step to getting a lip augmentation is to find a highly qualified plastic surgeon, as they will be the one who will be administering the procedure. Each procedure will only take a few hours.

What Substance Is Used in a Lip Implant?

Lip implants are the longest-lasting option when it comes to a lip augmentation, but they are the most invasive procedure. The surgery will involve the insertion of a synthetic or biological material that is injected into one or both of your lips. A lip implant is a great option because you can easily change the size of your lips, depending on how much substance is injected into your lips.

If you choose the biological material, it will generally be a fat taken from somewhere else in your body or a sheet of collagen. If you choose a synthetic material, you will need to speak with your plastic surgeon about the options they have available. Some synthetic materials have caused allergic reactions in some patients, so make sure you research each option to ensure it will be safe when it is injected into your lips.

How Much Will I Spend On Lip Implants?

The average Canadian will spend $3,300 on a lip implant, but the price could range anywhere from $1,880 to $5,230, depending on how many injections you want and the substance used. The price also may vary depending on your location and the experience of your plastic surgeon (remember, you get what you pay for!).

How Long Will My Lip Implants Last?

Lip implants are usually advertised to last forever, but there are cases where they can start fading because of the material that was used, or if the body rejected it. Unless something goes wrong, you can expect your lip implants to last for many years.

Are There Any Risks To Getting Lip Implants?

If you choose to go with the biological route, the fat or collagen does have a risk of getting absorbed by your body. As time goes on, your lips could start to go back to its original size. Also, if you gain weight, the fat cells that were injected into your lip could also grow.

On the other hand, synthetic materials such as silicone can come with more extreme risks. Some patients have said their lips became infected after the procedure, which resulted in their lips becoming disfigured. Other patients have said their injection material hardened over the years. Ask your plastic surgeon about their experience with both biological and synthetic materials to see what they recommend.

What Are Lip Fillers?

If you are looking for a less invasive procedure, then a lip filler will be your best option to pursue. This procedure does not involve any cuts in your lips. With this option, you can also choose a biological or synthetic material. The most popular option is hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that is naturally found in the body. You can also choose connective tissue or fat from your body as the filler material.

How Much Will I Spend On Lip Fillers?

On average, one injection of a synthetic lip filler will cost about $600 per lip. Many people do opt for a second injection to achieve fuller lips, so the second injection will cause the price to go up. A biological injection, on the other hand, will cost a bit more because the plastic surgeon will have to take out the fat or connective tissue. A biological injection procedure can cost up to $2,500 per filler.

How Long Will My Lip Fillers Last?

Patients who get hyaluronic acid fillers will generally see results for six months to a year. This is a great option for temporary results for a wedding or gala, for example. If you want your lip fillers to last longer, you will need to choose the biological option using your own fat.

Are There Any Risks To Getting Lip Fillers?

Compared to lip implants, there are fewer risks to getting lip fillers, but there are still a few risks that come along with this procedure. Some patients experience swelling and bruising, and others have had allergic reactions when they received a synthetic lip filler.

What Are Topical Lip Plumpers?

The last option we will discuss is lip plumpers. This is a great alternative for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on their lip augmentation or if they don’t want to get a surgical procedure. They are also safer as you don’t need to go through a medical procedure.

Since lip plumpers don’t involve injections or incisions, many people wonder if they actually work and produce high-quality results. Here are some of the pros and cons you may see if you choose to get lip plumpers:


  • They will not cause your lips to swell or bruise
  • You won’t experience any pain during the application
  • You won’t have to take time off of work to recover
  • They are generally less expensive than lip fillers or implants


  • The results are usually less dramatic than other lip augmentation options
  • It will take a long time to see results

Speak With Your Plastic Surgeon

Now that you know more about each lip augmentation option, the next step is to speak with your plastic surgeon to figure out which procedure will give you the results that you want. When you hire a high-quality and experienced plastic surgeon, they will be able to give their input about what material and procedure will help enhance the look of your lips.

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