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Live Chat vs Chat Bots

Live Chat vs Chat Bots: Optimizing Customer Service for Wonderful Experience

Technology has taken the world by storm. Consequently, there happens to be not a single aspect of business where technology has not penetrated. 

The contemporary businesses continue looking for the innovative ways to enhance the customer experiences as they look out for better ways to provide enhanced customer care by answering enquiries as and when they happen. 

Now, for that some businesses use live chats while some prefer the chatbots. 

Studies conducted reveal that over 70% of the customers prefer live chats while over 60% prefer email and around 45% prefer phone for problem solution. Of those who prefer the live chats, almost 80% said that they like it because the enquiries are solved on an immediate basis. 

But which one amongst the two is better suited for your business? 

To analyse that we have to first know what they are and how they can serve you in their own unique way. 

 Take a look. 

What Is Live Chat?

Live Chat is a software that permits prospects to communicate or chat with the human agent in real time for the company’s site. It is a great tool for improving customer service for lowering the cost of support.

This comes with features like the chance to know what clients are typing before even sending the chat, proactive invitations to chats, the capability to animate the chat button for enhanced visibility and much more. 

Here are the core perks of Live Chats –

  1. Solves client queries immediately 
  2. Facilitates multitasking by allowing agents to take care of multiple chats at the same time
  3. Handles and successfully solves complex queries and conversations in a seamless way
  4. Provides better info than most other methods 
  5. Enables fast solution of problem

What is a Chatbot? 

This is an app that involves with customers through the interface of chat and implements according to the rules that are pre-programmed. 

Research suggests that 80% of the client queries can be solved by chatbots without any kind of human interventions. 

Here are the core perks of Chatbots- 

  1. Offers instant response 
  2. Enables 24 Hour Service
  3. Answers simple questions 
  4. Is less prone to errors 
  5. Can provide support when there is surge in client queries

Now that we know the inherent features of both, let us understand how they can be used for catering to the following factors. Take a look. 

Time of Response – 

Chatbots can be the ideal as the first contact if your business needs responding to customers within 30 seconds. 

Having live chat is better if your customers prefer talking with real humans instead of being time-sensitive. 

For best results you can actually use chatbots for handling the repetitive queries. Then route the complex ones to the live chat team.

Accuracy –

If the business requires FAQs fast without the need of human intervention then chatbots should be your first preference for the first level support. 

When customers reach out with the complicated queries live chats can be ideal for your brand as that way the issue can discussed comprehensively and can be resolved easily. 

Again, the right usage of both the solutions can benefit your business massively.

Scalability –

While managing conversation, being empowered with scalable support can be a huge plus as through that you will know when the traffic will surge. The businesses using only using live chat support can face challenges like the need of – 

  1. Hiring more resources like support staff 
  2. Infrastructure and heightened salary cost 
  3. Training the new staff calls for extra time and cost

With bots you get to overcome these challenges as you can scale conversation and provide quick solutions. These improve business productivity without increasing the resources and costs. 

Ideally businesses can balance scalability by automating the repetitive queries with chatbots and complex queries with live chats. With chatbots you can scale easily which is beneficial for small businesses. 

Moreover, chatbots can also work when the agents are busy. The best thing is that these can help you go for endless conversations irrespective of volume and time. Both the business owners and  customers are happy in that case.

Cost-effectiveness –

Research reveals that chatbots can save more than $8 billion every year by 2022.

Live chats are also seen to be more affordable than the other channels. They help to connect with your customers and prevent drop out of sales funnel. This enables more conversions and better ROI. 

However, the greatest difference between the 2 is that live chats help businesses to save customer service cost but they call for additional training cost, salary cost and infrastructure costs.

Bots provide easy scalability and automation of repetitive queries seamlessly as well as more cost-effectively. 

If yours is a startup and cost is a major factor, then chatbots can be the best solution. This way you can automate the business operations without hiring resources.

Live chats are the better ones just for those if customers call for detailed explanations for complex queries. 

Human Touch –

If human touch is essential for your customers then live chats can assist in boosting customer satisfaction by offering personalised resolutions. 

The chatbots delivering humanised touch is quite complex in most scenarios. They may fail to comprehend complex queries and that only humans can solve. 

From the above it can be concluded that both live chats and chatbots are geared towards improving modern business communication and enhancing brand credibility by meeting customer expectations.

While the live chat agents are pro at dishing out tailor-made solutions for exclusive customer queries and have recorded high efficiency in complex problem solving, chatbots are ace players in mitigating prompt support round the clock and provide basic info.

The reputed web development company experts are thus, right in saying that you have to use both the chatbots and live chats together and bring together the best of both worlds for providing a delightful customer experience. 

Only then your business can achieve its true potential.

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