Make your own Instant-Charge Screwdriver

Whenever you need to work with a screwdriver you find its battery dead and then you have to plug it in a power outlet and wait many hours for it to charge. It takes a lot of time from you but if you didn’t have to wait an entire day for your cordless screwdrivers to charge and be used again. You can replace these batteries with large storage capacitors that can easily charge through your computer’s USB port and it will charge in a matter of minutes. Super capacitors store large amounts of energy and can also deliver it quickly, it will also maximize the strength of your Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver and make it go through some screw tightening jobs efficiently.    

Inside the Instant-Charge Screwdriver

  1. First you need to open up the cordless screwdriver and remove its battery pack.
  2. Desolder the barrel-formed charge connector and the battery association cut from the screwdriver’s circuit board. Bind a red wire from the breakout board’s VCC conduit to the positive (+) cushion on the circuit board, and a dark wire between the GND associations of the two sheets. 
  3. Interface two capacitors in series (positive lead of one bound to adverse lead of the other). Rehash with another pair. Then, at that point combine the two sets in equal (positive to positive, negative to negative).
  4. Then to the two red wired of the switch and circuit board connect the positive leads from your power pack. To the two black wires present in the power pack connect the the negative leads of the pack.
  5. In order to access a mini USB cable you need to widen the charge port on the screwdriver case wide enough so that it is suitable to access the USB cable. To the inside of the screwdriver fasten the breakout board. Too reassemble the case line up the port with the opening. 
  6. Then to the USB port on your computer you can connect or plug in the cordless screwdriver. When it is fully charged in hardly a minute and half you will see a red LED glowing and that is the sign that the cordless screwdriver is fully charged. If you are looking for quality cordless screwdriver the purchase Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver. It is a good preference has immense strength and durability and also a longer lifespan and longer charge hold. 


If your work constantly involves the use of cordless screwdrivers then it means it constantly runs out of charge. That is why it is better to use your own DIY version of super capacitor charger that plugs in to your computer’s USB port and can charge the screwdriver fast with a minute and half. You won’t have to wait an entire day for it to charge and this can increase your work efficiency. You can also find such screwdrivers online that provide fast charging. They are much cheaper and faster plus increase your efficiency. For purchasing a cordless screwdriver Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver is a good choice. 

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