Things That Makes Dubai So Special

There is much to be said about Dubai, which was once a complete desert, now it is one of the smart cities with tall buildings, shopping malls, and much more. It is such a pleasure to live in a fully developed city.

If we talked about development, Dubai is the city which is one of the modern cities in the world. The reason behind this is people come from every corner of the world to visit Dubai, and it has the world’s tallest building and the world’s biggest shopping mall, Most Revelling Ski Slopes on the Planet.

These all make this city unique and extra special in comparison with the rest of the cities in the world.

These are some things that make Dubai so special

90% of the UAE is coved by expatriates

Due to the high number of ex-pats and immigrants, this country is unlike the rest of the countries in the world. Dubai is one of the diverse and international cities, which is the reason, it is one of the truly unique and diverse places you can visit, and stay here without any fear.

The world’s tallest construction

We all see tall buildings and hotels in our country or city, but people never have seen the world’s biggest and tallest construction building. Those who touch the sky and cloud. The name of this tallest building is “Burj Khalifa” which is built in Dubai. At night, the lighting and the decoration of this building add extra spark. Due to this highest construction, Dubai is always been one of the unique cities in the world.

The biggest shopping mall in the world

Surprisingly, the World’s Biggest Shopping Mall is also in Dubai. However, most people found this mall as a small city. You will get everything here. It is considered one of the world-class shopping malls in the world. Millions of people visit this shopping mall every year. People come from every corner of the world for shopping. Residents of Dubai also come here on weekends to spend their time with family, friends, or roommates. Some people come for the shopping and some for searching what comes new in the market.

Rent luxurious cars by investing a small budget

Yes, you can rent sports and luxurious cars in Dubai. As we all know, these cars are way too expensive. You can rent the car you want to drive, and for this, you only need to pay a small renting fee. Therefore, those who do not live on the budget to buy a car, can come here and enjoy all these cars by taking them for rent. The only thing is there are some agreements or rules that you have to follow before renting a car from a rental company. So before renting the car, ask them every question you have to avoid further complications. This way, you are always on the safe side. Furthermore, you can get the best deals from Dubai luxury cars.

Freedom and rights for Women

We all know that there are many countries where lots need to change for women’s rights. Many women are not allowed to learn, work outside, wear their favorite clothes, and lots more. But in Dubai, the scenario is pretty different. In Dubai, women have every right. Women can work, complete their dreams, and enjoy their life with complete freedom. They recently create UAE Gender Balance Council. It means women and men both have equal rights. Both have the right to complete their education and work according to individual choices. In the future, women are more likely to be seen in every sector in UAE because UAE is making equal rules for all.


In this article, we have discussed all the things that make Dubai so special. So whenever you are thinking about what makes Dubai so special, just remember the tallest building in Dubai, the biggest shopping mall, luxurious cars, and rights for education. 

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