3D Animation: The Most Successful Industry In 2021

Have you ever watched a good animated movie and thought to yourself, “How great would it be if I could make it out of my fantasy?” We’ve always desired a job that would enable us to let our imaginations run free.

What if I told you that your desire may become a reality, and that you can even be paid handsomely for it? A B.Sc in 3D Animation and Filmmaking can help you achieve just that. A bachelor’s degree in 3D animation and filmmaking from a recognized university will guarantee you the profession of your dreams.

Why does a B.Sc in Animation mean that much?

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To commence with, a B.Sc degree indicates that you have a legitimate degree as well as specialization in all areas. We already know how much a Bachelor of Science degree is worth in India.

Today, 3D animation is one of the most rapidly growing businesses. It has a high value in the industry. 3D animators operate in a variety of settings, such as animation studios, advertising businesses, online media agencies, film and television production, e-learning, freelance work, billboard design, and so on.

Major businesses are investing in high-quality animation production since the animation industry is worth billions of dollars.

If you study 3D Animation degree in such an organization, you are committing to a degree that will last a lifetime.

Best 3D Animation Institute in Kolkata

What can you do with an Animation Degree?

Hi-Tech is a fantastic choice if you are enthusiastic about your job and want to learn 3D animation from the top institution.

  • Provides students with complete placement assistance and past placement expertise. This guarantees that students have the opportunity to get education from our teachers prior to attending job interviews.
  • MAKAUT offers a B.Sc. Animation 3D program (WBUT).
  • In-house production studio. This service is provided by only one institute in West Bengal and one of only a few in India.
  • The class’s top pupils will be placed directly in the Hi-Tech Production studio. The remaining students are probably contacted and interviewed before and after they are placed.
  • The top professors; true specialists with film and studio expertise.

Unlike other schools, you will be able to study from actual experts rather than traditional lecturers.

Hi-Tech Animation’s development studio creates content for major platforms in regional, global, and even international markets. It wants to increase its competence as one of the leading development studios. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn from industry professionals and acquire real-world studio experience. Such experience will assist you in developing your qualifications and preparing you for the labor market. Furthermore, being connected with such a prominent school as MAKAUT (WBUT) elevates the degree beyond everything others.

Admission for session 2021 is open at Hi-Tech Animation.

All the best!

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