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Top 5 Marketing Analytic Tools You Need to Consider for Tracking Your Progress

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There’s a widely held notion that you can only improve the things which you can measure. 

And pretty much the same is with marketing. 

Your marketing practices will bear fruitful results when you measure your performance. If you are unable to track the performance of your website ads, your content marketing or your search engine optimization practices, then you won’t be able to decide which areas of your website require tweaking or attention. In order to better understand how these different facets are performing, you need to have appropriate tracking tools in place. Such tools are known as marketing analytic tools in the online industry. 

The right marketing analytic tool will ensure that you don’t find yourself stuck in the never ending loop of failure. It will help you identify the potential gap in your marketing and in turn help you polish up your strategy. In this way, you will find which areas of your digital strategy need reinforcement. By implementing changes in the following areas, you will increase your chance of success. 

Are you eager to learn about the top marketing analytic tools which can help you progress the right way? 

Here are the top 5 marketing analytic tools which can help your business grow exponentially. 


The first on our list is MixPanel. Here’s a comprehensive marketing tool which allows marketers to easily test their campaigns without breaking a sweat. This platform allows you to run A/B testing for your website and mobile apps and track them in real-time based on visitor sessions. The primary function of this tool is to provide results based on event-based tracking. In simple terms, an event based tracking is a type of trackingr where events and scenarios are created around objects. For instance, if you are a retailer working for an online store, you can choose to track user data based on their actions on page views, added items on shopping cart, purchased items, account creation and so on. 

MixPanel allows marketers to track information on a particular action intended from the customer. For instance, if your customer wants to purchase something online, he or she would click on shopping carts. You educate the tool on the event, & the tool then decides how many times the action was performed. So if you’re operating in the product industry, here’s a tracking tool which can help you. 


One of the most powerful SEO-oriented marketing analytic tools is none other than SEMRush. The tool has definitely earned its upkeep especially when it comes to monitoring your brand and analyzing competitors. Whether you want to track information on what your competitors are doing or you want to perform keyword research, SEMRush is an incredible tool to offer you both. 

Use SEMRush as it can allow you to analyze the potential keyword to a considerable extent. It is a great SEO analytics tool which can help marketers and business owners who want to learn about their competitors. So if you want a tool to help you polish up on your search engine strategy, SEMRush is your gold mine. 


Heap is another marketing analytic tool which works on the event based analysis similar to Mixpanel. The tool is great for tracking user interactions on websites and iOS mobile apps. Heap offers assistance in segmenting your users and learning their individual behaviors. It also helps in analyzing the website sales funnel. Heap doesn’t waste any of your precious time. When it comes to data collection, it initiates the process right from the moment, it gets installed at the back-end. For anyone who wants to improve website or iOS mobile app experience, HEAP has plenty of options to help you grow yourself. 

The only downside of this marketing analytic tool is that it does not work with Android apps.  

YouTube Analytics 

We all know that YouTube is the second largest platform for video watching on the Internet, so not mentioning it as a successful marketing analytic tool for video content is going to be nothing less than a scorn for the platform itself. Knowing just how many views you have received on your video content is not good enough. Let’s say if you’ve invested your budget in getting an animated video production house to create you a marvelous animated video, you can’t assume that its a success just on getting views. 

You need to analyze a number of factors such as how long people stayed on your video. How many times have people seen your thumbnail? How many times have they clicked on your video link and more. 

All of this can be analyzed if you’re a content publisher on YouTube through YouTube analytics. 


Want a life-saver? Optimizely can be your life boat when you take a wrong turn in the ocean of marketing. 

The tool offers you A/B testing in between existing and experimental data sets. As a marketer, you can measure both by comparing them side by side and identify which option can work incredulously.  

With Optimizely, you can assess what works and what won’t. The tool saves your time from going through the continuous trial and error. It allows you to make the right decision for your digital product. 

May it be a website, an app, chatbot or something else where you wish to perform analysis of information, Optimizely can be your one-stop shop solution for all your market tracking requirements. 

So there you go, here are the top 5 marketing analytic tools which every marketer must possess if they want to see the light of their successes. Are you also struggling with creating powerful campaigns? Time to optimize your digital products using the above-discussed marketing analytic tools and before you know it, you will start seeing some promising results. So what are you waiting for? Get set, download! 

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