Mobile App Development Cost 2021

People from all around the world now depend on mobile apps as it makes our life easier. It connects people with the internet. Business owners are profited by apps. They are developing apps as the customer demands. Many companies and many people want to hire a mobile app development team. But when someone needs a mobile app they must look for some details first. It starts with or ends with the development cost as it directly impacts the budget of the customer. 

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is the process of building apps for mobile devices. These mobile apps are developed for android and iOS. Java and Katin are usually used for developing android mobile apps and swift for iOS. Mobile apps can be downloaded from mobile app stores.

There are some terms or processes that need to be used to build mobile apps. 

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • UI/Ux Design
  • Architecture
  • App development
  • Testing
  • Support by maintenance 

What is the Importance of Mobile App Development?

Day by day the importance of mobile apps is growing especially among business owners. It can bring all together in our hands. So mobile apps are keeping a great role in this world, especially in pandemic types. All stuff can be found easily by these apps.

It has a great role in the below topics:

Increase Business:

Business owners can use mobile apps for their businesses. They can keep an eye or monitor from anywhere about their business. In this tough period of Covid-19 mobile apps help people to get in their hand. Business owners are the ones who can have many opportunities at this time.


Mobile apps can help in marketing your business. It can bring traffic and success. Also, you can directly lead it from anywhere.

Costs of Mobile App Development Depends On:

The cost figure depends on many things. Before fixing a price for app development some factors will go through before the final cost. You may develop your hour’s hours pp at a lower price but that may lack professionalism. Here I will suggest hiring a mobile app development company. Usually, many app development cost depends on:

Supported Device:

An app will run through which device is an important factor in development. It may be android supported or iOs or both. Also, the app may have a specific supported device that depends on the customer and you have to pay per your requirements. 

Developer Hiring Cost:

The thing most needed in developing an app is a developer. An experienced, professional developer can build a good quality technical app. But hiring a developer is $90k in a year. 

App Purpose: 

Every app has a purpose and obviously, it’s made or used to serve that purpose and it also impacts the mobile app development costs.


After all the process you will still need a maintenance team to provide all services you need to keep up to date with the app after providing the apps as it has many technical systems. 20% costs depend on this. As you have to spend $40000 yearly if a mobile app development costs $2000000. 

Well, you may think why so, in that case here is the answer:

In maintenance, there are different hidden and direct costs. Such as:

  • Hosting
  • Monitoring
  • License
  • Updates of the apps

Mobile App Development Cost in different Stage

There are different stages in mobile app development which costs differently. Such as:

  • Planning and Design
  • Development
  • Testing 

Pre-Planning and Design:

Planning is important in app development as it helps to get the required app. In this stage, people spend $5000 or less. Also in design, 32% of people in the USA spend less than 5k. 


Mobile app development cost also depends on the development of the app. 33% of people spend $5k to $10k for coding different features and 25% of people spend 10k to 20k. 


After completing all the processes of an app it comes to testing which is an important aspect of development. 33% of people in the USA spend less than $5000 on this stage.

Besides this cost may be different in the world as the economy is based. The USA spends millions of dollars on an app where countries like India or Bangladesh spend 50000-150000 of their currency. 

Cost of Different Types of Mobile App Development: 

This range is based on good quality and an hourly rate of $40.

Simple App Development cost:

One platform-based app costs you $25000-$50000. It is usually used for startup business purposes. This app provides a clear vision of features with basic UI. The simple app provides 300-600 work hours.

Medium Complexity App Price: 

It may cost $50000 to $100000. This will include a custom UI with 5-15 screens with complex features and business logic. It provides 600-1000 hours of work which is 80 hours per month. 

Complex Cost:

Different multi-feature mobile apps such as Uber, Instagram may cost you $100000 to $300000. This app will give you multi-features with advanced business logic. Also, high security with 15 screens. The complex app will work 150 hours per month and yearly more than 1000 hours. 

Because of the popularity of mobile apps, many companies need apps for startups that small apps cost differently. It can start from $5000. Also, if you think about developing for both android and iOS it will cost iOS, it costs more. 


The cost of mobile app development depends on many stages, internal development, yearly monitoring, etc. After all the spend calculation then comes the final figure of any apps that estimate for any customer. You can choose your budget and requirements. Many mobile app development companies can provide you with your required app. 

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