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DesignCap – Free online photo editor, one-click application of a large number of templates

DesignCap was originally a super easy-to-use online poster production tool. When I had poster design needs, I would use DesignCap to make it quickly. In DesignCap, there are so many practical templates that we can use with one click. We can also use various customized tools to change multiple elements in the poster. It can be described as a powerful tool for poster design!

And now, DesignCap not only provides poster design, but they have also always expanded many functions. Nowadays, in addition to posters, they also have all kinds of advertisements, charts, business cards, invitations, YouTube cover images, menus, etc.

The following are the features of DesignCap:

  1. The service provides hundreds of beautiful picture styles.
  2. Rich illustrations, font effects, and backgrounds
  3. With a high degree of freedom editing tools, posters can be cut, resized, flipped, copied, restored/reworked.
  4. You can use DesignCap to make your pictures suitable for various purposes.
  5. It’s simple, fast, and convenient. You can use all the functions without downloading, registering, or paying.
  6. Supports multiple languages

Let’s take a look at the useful and useful functions of DesignCap!

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Introduction to DesignCap Teaching

How to quickly create free pictures online?

The total time spent 5 minutes.

Edit without registration

In DesignCap, you can enter the editing screen without registering. Therefore, click the “Get Start Now” button on the home page to enter the template selection screen.

Choose picture category

There are many image formats to choose from in DesignCap, from diagrams, slides, infographics, posters, flyers, logos, business cards, advertisements, menus, and more. Click on the category you want to edit.

Choose a picture template.

In DesignCap, there are a lot of templates that can be applied to each picture category. On the left side, you can view all the templates, click to use and edit. It should be noted that the green diamond on the upper right indicates that it is a paid item. After editing, you must upgrade to a paid plan to download. The ones that are not available can be downloaded for free.

Add element

In addition to the existing templates in DesignCap, you can also add your ideas after applying them, and create by adding elements. In the “ELEMENTS” function, features such as “Shape” and “Icon” can be added.

add pictures

When making all kinds of pictures, it is often inevitable that you will need to use some picture resources. In addition to downloading the free gallery resources and uploading them, you can also directly search for various free pictures in DesignCap, which is very convenient.

Add chart

DesignCap has many built-in chart designs, including linear, table, column… and so on. You can choose a suitable presentation style according to your usage.

upload image

DesignCap allows us to upload our own pictures. Currently, JPG and PNG formats are supported. To upload picture resources, you need to register or log in to your DesignCap account.

Add text

DesignCap provides a variety of text layouts and styles. You can directly apply existing text styles, or simply add preset text styles for titles, descriptions and content.

Add module

DesignCap has many built-in modules, for example, community icons, image and text combinations, option styles, step diagrams, timelines, charts, comparison diagrams, etc., which are very suitable for making infographics and reports.

Add background-color

DesignCap can also add background colors, and even provides the function of adding gradient colors.

Picture download format

After the picture is created, you can directly click the “Download” button on the upper right to download it, and the download file can be set to JPG, PNG, or PDF format. The default download format is JPG. If you want to download PNG or PDF format, you need to upgrade the paid plan.

Image download size

In addition to the size of the preset content, you can also directly enlarge it when downloading. Your default size is Small, and gradually there are Medium, Large, and XLarge. Each layer is a multiple of the preset size. The default download size is the original design. If you want to download enlarged pictures, you need to upgrade the paid plan.

Plan and price

DesignCap currently has three schemes: FREE, BASIC and Plus. The system I am now using is PLUS. The difference from the BASIC is the amount of upload and storage. If you choose the annual payment plan, the monthly fee is discounted to $5.99, which is relatively cost-effective for large demand users. And if it is a light user, then I believe that FREE’s free program should be sufficient for temporary use.

The above is the complete content of “DesignCap-Free online picture design, one-click application of a large number of templates, a new tool for picture design”. DesignCap is very intuitive and fast to use. At the same time, it has helped you build a lot of style designs and rich text effects—pattern, etc. The point is that it is entirely free and can be used without registration.

If you need to take pictures and design, you might as well try this “DesignCap” online free picture design tool!

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