Orthopedic Mallets – Hammers for Orthopedics Surgery

Orthopedic mallets are an essential tool in the checklist of orthopedic surgical instruments. As the name suggests, orthopedic mallets are commonly used in orthopedic operating rooms. 

The high-quality German stainless steel hammers are used for the manipulation of bone. They are used in association with a gouge, chisel, and osteotome when surgeons drive a nail or screw in the bone. Moreover, they hammer multiple instruments involved in repairing bone and other structures. 

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Quite a few types of orthopedic mallets used in orthopedic surgeries are discussed as follows:

Bergman Mallet:

Bergman bone mallet is a commonly used surgical tool in the orthopedic surgery room that helps surgeons hammer multiple instruments involved in bone mending and reaping. This includes osteotomes, gouges, chisels, and tampers. 

Cloward-Style Mallet:

Cloward-style mallet is made up of German stainless steel. The composition of German stainless steel makes it reusable after thorough steam sterilization. It assists in cutting and scraping bones and other surgeries that require gouges. The mallet is available in quite a few variations.

Cottle Mallet:

Cottle mallet tool is commonly seen in rhinoplasty and nasal reconstructive procedures. The mallet is designed in a way that it combines with a Cottle chisel; it helps surgeons to remove bony fragments easily. The ergonomic handle is uniquely designed, decreasing physicians’ fatigue during surgical procedures. 

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Crane Mallet:

A Crane mallet is an essential tool in medical supplies used in manipulating bones. It is further used in surgical procedures requiring bone slicing, cutting, scraping, and chisels. It is one kind of surgical instrument that features a standard pattern with a solid head. 

Further, it is also up for you to grab in multiple variations. For example, the German stainless steel incorporated in its body makes it resistant to corrosion and environmental changes.

Heath Mallet:

Heath mallet is designed to cater to massive surgical procedures, particularly neurosurgery. This kind of mallet is used in bone splitting and helps in scrapping bone layers and tissues in combination with a chisel or an osteotome. 

The mallet features a cylinder-shaped head, whereas the handle is short and grooved. The unique design of the handle makes sure that it grips better during the procedure and doesn’t slip away. 

Lucae Bone Mallet:  

This kind of bone mallet offers multiple surgical benefits in an operation theater. The immense benefits take center stage when orthopedic surgery is performed, particularly fracture repair.

Mead mallet:

Mead mallet is designed to cater to multi-purpose in an operating room. For example, surgical procedures need to drive a chisel or gouge deeper in a bone, as seen in bone splitting. This mallet is used in general maneuvers that require a rapid force to move something in its place. 

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