How to Select the Right Office Furniture For Your Workplace?

Furniture is one of the most basic requirements for any place. May it be your home, office, restaurant, or waiting lobby, one person comes across at least one or other type of furniture anywhere they go.

The furniture industry in India is divided through various means:

  1. It is divided based on material, including steel, wood, metal, plastic, etc.
  2. It is divided based on the type, including home furniture, office furniture, hospitality furniture, etc.
  3. Furniture is divided based on its distribution channel: supermarkets, wholesale, hypermarkets, online stores, etc.

The Indian furniture market has seen a lot of evolution in the past few years. Some of India’s most famous furniture manufacturers for homes and offices are Godrej Interio, Nilkamal, Zuari, Ikea, etc. India is also famous for its rich handcrafted furniture and appealing traditional style. The global office furniture market is US$ 58.4 Billion in 2021 and it will grow by 4.1% by the year 2022-2027.

Apart from home requirements, the greatest demand for furniture comes from workspace or offices of various Organisations. One has to keep a lot of aspects in mind while ordering furniture for the workplace. The workplace is supposed to be a zone of productivity, and maximum productivity can only be achieved if a place has comfort and a positive vibe. Office furniture must be customized and specialized so that they provide maximum comfort. 

All the famous brands like Nilkamal, Zuari, Godrej Interio, Ikea, etc. and local brands have a special segment of office furniture manufactures in India that manufacturer furniture based on the client’s demand.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts one must follow while ordering furniture for their workspace.

Plan and Design your Workspace: –

The first thing one must do before choosing furniture is plan the requirement. Every place has a different requirement. Thus, planning the workspace area is a must to generate a positive vibe and boost productivity by providing comfort.

Plan and Check your budget:-

One must keep in mind the budget they can allot for furniture in their workspace and then go ahead with the planning and ordering of furniture based on the requirement.

Choose Comfortable furniture: –

A person spends the maximum time in his workplace other than his home. The basic working hours in India range between 7 to 9 hours. Thus, having a comfortable seating area is a must when choosing furniture. Choosing an uncomfortable chair or an unrealistic table dimension can lead to various health issues like back pain, muscle pain, etc. It may make it uncomfortable and uneasy for an employee to work for such a long period. The return would hamper the productivity of the organization.

Choose Furniture according to the theme of the workplace:-

An office area is considered the most productive place out of all. A person works hours to utilize his qualities to the maximal point to bring development and profit to his organization. Thus, having an office area that radiates a positive vibe is necessary. Keeping the color of the workspace light is considered to be the best choice and apart from it, having coordination with the furniture is also a must.

Any area that looks clumsy and cluttered might not radiate positive energy. So, one must try to choose minimal but multi-functional furniture for their workplace.

One can also choose various other accessories like wall painting, motivational quotes, etc., with furniture for staff needs to decorate and design the workplace, so the employees can feel comfortable and productive while working.

Choosing furniture according to office space: –

One must order furniture based on the area of their workspace. A small workspace cannot adjust a lot of furniture together. This is where multi-functional furniture comes into play. Choosing multi-functional furniture saves not only space but also fulfils all the requirements. Similarly, a workspace with a large area needs to have proper furniture planning so that the workspace doesn’t look too vacant and dull.  

Choose furniture based on storage requirements: –

When it comes to the workplace, we know that it deals with lots of gadgets, files, and papers. A cluttered workspace doesn’t generate positive vibes. Thus, having proper storage for all the files, papers, and gadgets is a must when choosing furniture.

Choose durable furniture: –

One must keep in mind the period they need the furniture. Because changing furniture every year would require a lot of budgets and would not be a practical decision for any organization. Thus, it is important to choose durable furniture that can undergo all the wear and tear for a long period. 

The Conclusion

In conclusion, one must always be open to ideas and surf through as many options as possible before confirming their workspace furniture. Before choosing furniture for any workspace, the main aim is to think about the employee’s comfort. One must keep the clutter as low as possible so that the workspace generates positive vibes.