Virtual Corporate Team Building Activities For Work

More and more businesses are creating teams made up of remote workers located all over the world. As a result, it becomes impossible for corporations to engage their teams. But we all know that there is nothing that can not be possible. Yes! There are various corporate virtual team building activities that a company can apply to engage their employees.

Nowadays, everybody wants to work in a good atmosphere. That is why it becomes important for corporations to engage their employees. These team building online activity also help in enhancing the company’s productivity. 

Therefore, below we will discuss the top virtual team building activities. We will learn 7 virtual corporate team building activities for work. It will help you and your employees to make a good relationship with each other. So, let’s start.

Virtual Corporate Team Building Activities For Work

Following are some of the team building activities virtual for work. Let’s discuss them;

No Smiling

This activity is the best among fun virtual team building activities for work. This is so much easier to play. This activity helps to relieve stress quickly. 5-10 participants can play this game. 

This is the ideal exercise for when you and your colleagues are exhausted from a long work week and need a good chuckle. There are no tools required. Your weekly conference calls will surely benefit from it.


  • Begin your meeting by requesting that no one smile.
  • The person who smiles first loses.


This is one of the funniest virtual corporate team building activities for work. It is very easy to play. It helps in engaging your employees with a good laugh. To play this activity, you need at least 5-10 participants. 

Sometimes team development exercises are merely for a good chuckle. Why not try the planking challenge at work? It became popular a few years ago, so why not give it a shot?

However, each person’s decision to engage in the challenge must be carefully considered.


  • Plank in different areas of your team’s homes or towns.
  • Take a photo of them planking and upload it to your company’s chat room.
  • For a little friendly competition, vote on who the best planker is.

X or Y

It is also an interesting corporate virtual team building activity. It is easy to play and 4-400 people can play this game. Moreover, it helps in familiarising everyone with each other’s tastes and in inspiring conversation. 

This is towards the top of our list since it gets everyone talking and allows various individuals to connect every week.

It is a fantastic opportunity to have personal connections with someone you do not normally talk to regularly.


  • Choose a new ‘X or Y’ question each week. Here are some examples of questions: Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Dogs or cats?
  • You can ask this question in a Slack channel or any other method of communication you like.
  • Allow time for everyone to discuss their responses.

10 Common Things

This is also the best team building online activity. This activity is not that easy to play. 4-30 participants can participate in this activity. The main objective of this activity is to allow participants to get to know what they have in common. This activity is beneficial for brainstorming in remote teams. Since it helps them see how similar they are.


  • Divide your staff into small groups and encourage them to develop a list of ten things they share.
  • They may easily construct a list by putting this on a shared document or an online whiteboard.
  • You may make the topic personal (kids or hobbies, for example) or business-related (e.g., degrees, departments, or years in the field).


This activity is one of the easiest team building activities virtual for work. The main objective of this game is quick thinking. But in this activity, you need 20-25 participants.

 If you are looking for a fast game to kick off your team meeting, “Category” is a good choice. It allows your team to practice on-the-spot situations while having fun. You can select a stupid category like “Types of Shoes” or a work-related one like “Company Goals.”


  • At the start of your meeting, give your employees a fun category to choose from. For instance, “Fruit Types.” Each team member must state a fruit, with no two answers being the same.
  • The game finishes when someone can not think of an answer or repeats one. The loser must select the next team meeting category.

Remote Laughs

This activity is easy to play. You need 1 to 10 participants. The main objective of this activity is to engage everyone and create a positive environment. This exercise is one of our favorites since it is spread. It allows everyone to relax while sharing some fantastic stories.


The instructions are simple. Bring everyone together through video chat once a month. Encourage everyone to tell a joke and place an order from their favorite restaurant. Relax and enjoy one other’s company once everyone has shared their humorous story and laughed their heads off.

Language Class

This is also the easiest virtual corporate team building activities for work. This is an excellent activity for multinational teams that speak multiple different languages. It is a fantastic approach to learning something new while also appreciating the cultures of your coworkers.


  • One of your teammates will choose a word or phrase from their native language. They’ll write it on the whiteboard and give the team three hints to assist them to figure out the translation.
  • With the assistance of the three clues, the team will guess what the phrase means, and whoever guesses first wins. 


So, we have discussed the best 7 virtual corporate team activities for work. These activities help in engaging your remote employees. I hope you understand the above virtual team building activities well.