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5 qualifications for personalised employment pass in Singapore

Singapore is a country that a lot of people are aiming to work in. That is because of not only the numerous job opportunities but also the high pay. However, not everyone is qualified to become a worker in Singapore. That is why before you apply for the employment visa, you need to determine whether you are qualified for it.

Several work permits in Singapore are issued by the Ministry of Manpower. The most sought-after work visa is the personalised employment pass Singapore visa. This work visa has the most flexibility since it is not tied to an employer. Furthermore, a PEP holder can bring in their family members to Singapore. However, as mentioned, there are qualifications foreign workers need to meet to be eligible for this pass. In this article, we will cover the 5 personalised employment pass Singapore qualifications.

High-earning professionals

The PEP applies to foreign nationals who worked in jobs categorized as high-skilled. This means the employment visa candidate should have completed a higher degree of education and has related work experience. Usually, the employees in the scientific industry are considered for this pass. Personalised employment pass Singapore candidates that are in the technical and engineering industry will also get approved for the PEP. Furthermore, those in high-level managerial positions will be permitted to apply for the said work visa. Thus, if your profession falls in any of these categories, you will be eligible for the PEP.

High minimum salary requirement

One of the reasons why not everyone can be qualified for the PEP employment visa is because of the high minimum salary qualification. If you are an overseas foreign professional that is not currently holding an E Pass, you need to be earning at least SG$18,000 a month. The minimum monthly salary qualification is lower for current E Pass holders who are not part of a sponsorship scheme. They only need SG$12,000 to qualify for the personalised employment pass Singapore visa. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are earning a lot to be eligible for the PEP.

Not a freelancer 

To explain this further, let’s look into Bella’s situation. Bella is a digital marketing project manager for almost five years now. She has an account in Fiverr and other online service portals where she gets her project management clients. She has worked with many companies on their digital marketing. Multiple times, she has worked with the marketing department of big corporations and had experience managing over 20 employees. In addition, she is earning an average of SG$25,000 a month. However if she decided to work in Singapore and apply for the personalised employment pass Singapore visa, she won’t be allowed. That is because she is considered a freelancer and not a long-term employee. Thus, freelancers are not eligible for the PEP employment visa.

Not an entrepreneur

A foreigner who is aiming to start a business in Singapore should not apply for the personalised employment pass Singapore visa. That is because any type of grow your business owner or director-shareholder of a company registered in ACRA is ineligible for this employment visa. In fact, they are not eligible even for the E Pass or S Pass. That is because there is a specific work visa for this which is the Entrepreneur Pass. The EntrePass is for foreign business owners and other types of entrepreneurs. It has its set of qualifications that differs from the PEP. If you want to start a company in Singapore, check out the EntrePass, not the PEP.

Not unemployed for more than six months

One of the great advantages of being a personalised employment pass Singapore holder is that you can stay in Singapore even if you are unemployed. That is because this pass allows you to find employment while in Singapore. However, you shouldn’t remain unemployed for more than six months. Otherwise, you will be asked to cancel your employment visa and return to your home country. That is why some PEP candidates look for definite employment before they apply for the PEP.

Although the personalised employment pass Singapore visa has stringent qualification criteria, it doesn’t eliminate the benefits that it can offer. Furthermore, this pass is a stepping stone to get regular and long-term employment in Singapore. That is why many still prefer the PEP over other work passes in Singapore. 

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